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  1. Ben Warsaw, IN I walk about 95% of my golf rounds. Currently I use the Bag Boy Compact 3
  2. 0.1 handicap in Warsaw, IN Currently play Titleist 718 AP2’s with Project X 6.5 LZ shafts. Stock 8 iron distance is 155. I know Sub 70 is a direct to consumer looking to provide quality clubs at a lower price point. I have never played the clubs, but have a friend who just purchased Sub 70 wedges. He loves them and raves about the customer service he has received from the company.
  3. Ben L. - Warsaw, IN I practice daily on a putting mat, about 10 minutes per day. On course, once a week for 20 minutes. I would say I average around (1) 3-putt per 18 holes. I am most intrigued by the real-time feedback of path and club face, as well as ability to work on speed on long putts on a daily basis. From what I’ve seen and read, the system has helped golfers improve on course putting.
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