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  1. Brandon Timoney Fullerton CA I practice maybe 15 minutes a week at my office On a little putting mat where I’m mostly talking on the phone and not really getting and good practice in and I try and play at least once a week where I spend about 10 minutes rolling a few balls around to practice green. I can have 1-2 three putts in a round, I miss 30-40% of putts 3 foot and in. If the world was under attack by aliens and all I had to do was make a 3 footer to save us, guess what fellas were going down. I’m interested in the ExPutt because seeing real data and having a tool to help me putt better is what I need. The feedback will keep me motivated to practice more and hopefully one day save the world from Aliens. I’m trying to Drive for show and but for Dough, thanks for the opportunity to apply.
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