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  1. Ryan Brownstown, MI Waking a lot in the spring and fall. Have a bagboy 3 wheel push cart.
  2. 5 - Detroit 699's - 8 iron - 155 Their products are great and Jason is great to work with. They are putting out quality clubs at a fraction of the cost and their stuff flat out performs.
  3. Ryan - Brownstown, MI About 2x a month for about 30-45 minutes. 2 per round. But my overall puts are usually around 33 so I'm not one putting much. What really interests me is the ability to practice in my house or my garage and get valuable feedback on what my stroke is actually doing. I struggle with the consistency of my back swing. Sometimes it moves back and right and other times it's straight back, so knowing the feel of a good back swing should help with starting the ball on the right line. Thx for the opportunity!
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