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  1. I suffered for two years before going to the Doctor... don't make my mistake. I "self diagnosed" and began an exercise routine to strengthen my core and hips etc. Did the inversion table, yoga, chirp wheel, all of it and nothing helped. Go to the Dr., even better, go to two. I'm pain free since mid 2018 and I would have neither a golf game or a marriage without the doctor. Back pain and lack of sleep does terrible things to a person.
  2. I have to preface this by saying I am NOT an instructor and in 25 years of golf I could count on my hands the number of lessons I've taken. Quick background, I'm a lefty and came from baseball, I swing hard and until 5 or so years ago my swing was very long (back and shoulders). My first lesson ever was about a year after I started playing and I had the same experience you describe. I was trying to figure out putting the clubface on the ball and the pro was talking about "feels" that were WAY beyond my knowledge. I had a 3 lesson package with him given to me as a gift, I never went back for the last two... Fast forward 20 years and I play sporadically, some years 50 rounds, some years 5 (kids, job, blah blah blah...) but I can hold my own against my buddies on our annual trip. Typically in the low 80s. I'd been a solid 10 index since 2002, no matter how much I played or practiced, it just was my game. I was beating balls on the range in late 2019 preparing for the annual trip and the pro at my home course, who is a family friend, wanders over and starts chatting. In 5 minutes of looking and one video taken he changed my thought process and my game. I'm now a 5.9 and trending down at 46 years old with the same job and same kids and wife All of this is a long way of saying that finding a pro who speaks your language is the most critical part of the process. If you are 6 months into the game and lack the understanding of proper grip, setup/alignment and rotation, every single item you listed is worthless to you. Find a better pro who will teach you the fundamentals, find out if any local courses host "range time with the pro" group lessons or something similar. "Golf with Aimee" is, in my view, a great YouTube channel where she explains concepts in language anyone can understand. Don't give up on the game, the frustration only increases the reward when you pure one!
  3. So ummm... yeah... I started the SuperSpeed training last week, I'm not measuring speeds or anything because I have no incentive or desire to get caught up in it (I tend to get pretty obsessed over things) but I'm using it a lot swinging right handed to attempt to balance out my move. Good news is that I fired off a 76 yesterday and most of my lost strokes were around and on the greens, 12 GIR and 11 Fairways (or good position in dormant rough), 3 three jacks and a couple really indifferent pitch/chips... I have to slow way down to not lose it left and right, it works but hurts the pride.
  4. Looking for advice as a right hand dominant person playing lefty. Specifically trying to get over the feeling that I "pull" the club hard leading to all sorts of surprises. Internet searches bring up very little on the topic, hoping there are some forum members to either sympathize with or get some advice from. I know Spieth and Phil both play opposite their dominant side and my best game resembles their worst tendencies to a frightful degree...
  5. Erik/Las Cruces iPhone X and XR Both, outdoor range and both at home Yes at home, outdoors and indoors.
  6. Erik Winter, Las Cruces,NM. I practice daily indoors on my Wellputt mat and 3-4 times a week at the range green for a total time of ~3 hours a week. Average 1.9 putts per hole per SwingU and, although I don’t have it tracked I’d say I 3 jack it on average about once per round. I’m interested in the distance training, as I struggle from outside 20 feet with my miss resulting in a 5+ foot comebacker. Recently changed putters after 20+ years with my Newport as my pace control was just garbage. As a lefty living outside a major golf market, I’m usually buying equipment to try it out and would love some data to analyze my choice!
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