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  1. Jack / Palo Alto, CA In the winter I work longer hours. So even though I live in California, I don't have enough daylight. As a result, I have to putt at night inside on a putting mat from the early 2000's. It has the crusty green roll up turf that has the green speed of a fairway with the electronic ball return that leaves marks on the golf balls. The aforementioned mat is the only one I've had experience with. I've had it since I was about 10 and I'm turning 30 soon. My biggest gripe I've had is that it doesn't mimic the speed of an actual green well at all. It feels incredibly slow and I always feel like I have to crush the ball to hit it the full 8 feet to the cup. Every time I use it, I feel like it throws my touch off for the following round. I'm a 6 handicap and I'd like to try the Fast (11-13 stimpmeter) putting mat. A lot of the courses I play out in CA have greens that are in great shape and kept lightning quick. I'd like to find out if the thousands of balls I've hit on my old slow mat over the years have actually been doing me a disservice.
  2. Jack (Palo Alto, CA) 30 minutes / 5x per week in the summer, far less in the winter Average 1.5 three putts per round. It's intriguing for a few reasons. I like the idea of the scientific feedback. I go to the putting green almost every day but it's all just feel for me. I know all of the slopes and angles of that putting green and feel like no matter how hard I practice I struggle to translate it over to the course. In a normal outdoor practice setting, I have no idea about speed, path and impact angle, or true direction. I'm really interested to know if getting this info will help me be more consistent in my stroke and shaves strokes off my score. The other reason it's interesting is the indoor practice aspect of it. I have far less time (and sunlight) to practice in the winter. I have a rudimentary putting mat but don't feel that mimics actual speed of real greens. I want to see how this technology can make indoor practice feel more realistic.
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