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  1. Joe Metro Detroit, MI Taylor Made M2 18 Hdcp 88-93 (Playing speed --- I can swing faster, but never have had a driver fit me well enough to swing max) TSi3 I have never had a driver that really worked for me. I would love to do a proper driver fitting, but kid$! Ha. My favorite driver is still my old Titleist 975 J. It has an x-stiff shaft, that is totally wrong for me, but I learned how to hit it. Would love to try something new from T.
  2. Joe, Detroit-area, Michigan Putting on the one carpet we have with a putting hole. When I was younger and worked at a course, we had some sort of rollout with a cup. It was really slow and just didn't help. I've gone to their site when you first promo'd them, and I was torn between Muni & Private. I always feel like I putt better on FAST, and when you test putters indoors, it's usually on hard and fast. I think Muni makes the most sense, but I'd probably ask someone what they think.
  3. Joe, Detroit-area/MI 2-3 Times a week, 20-30 minutes at a time. Using PUTTout For 18: 3-7 depending on the course. Putting practice at home is hard and boring. I dont have a TON of space, so I cant buy a big mat, and while I love the Puttout, you can only do so much with some carpet and a hole. What excites me about this is that it looks: FUN, data focused, and motivates you to putt more. As a youth hockey coach, I try and teach my kids that working on fundamentals and in GAME-like situations is important. That's hard in golf unless you are at a course. If you can bring the cour
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