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  1. Jeff/Austin ipad indoors mostly but will get out to range since winter is Texas is 65 degrees Yes w a net. Want to compare to skytrak I’m using
  2. Jeff Austin, tx currently using a cheapo net I got off amazon. Need to replace netting after two weeks. Would love to upgrade to this net! Using a sky trak currently
  3. Jeff Austin tx M5 5 handi 110 Tsi2
  4. Jeff Austin tx usa Scotty squareback 1 Tyne 3
  5. Jeff Austin Tx 20 min a day Half a 3 putt a round ? I’m a pretty good putter in these terms Exputt interests me bc all I currently have is a putting mat and I can’t practice longer putts or breaking putts. I’ve read great things about it and I think more made breaking putts and better green reading would help my scores tremendously. Having kids at home does not bode well for practice time
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