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  1. I used them for awhile at the end of last year and thought they were solid, especially after the Tony's review but then I started going down the "find a better ball" rabbit hole!! Give me another chance Please!!!
  2. No Never used one, I have used a chipping net and a long time ago I had birdie balls. No never used a LM before with or without a net. But If you ask me to test this and I win the Rapsodo LM that is being given away I will be in hog heaven!!!!
  3. Dave Manchester New Hampshire I have to practice on the oriental rug in my living room. she you must be obeyed isn't happy when I do! I made on out of a local Home Depot green turf rug. Didn't help. Other than that once in a blue moon at the local Golf retailer. Not since Covid 19 though!! Medium - 10 - 11 Stimpmeter - Private Course
  4. Dave Manchester NH Beat up Dynacraft/Hireko 54,56,60 58 or 60. I need spin for my new MTB X babies
  5. 14 Handicap Northeast (NH) USA Hireko(Dynacraft) Acer XV 8 Iron 130 yards
  6. Dave Fitzgerald once a long time ago in a galaxy far far away I used an early windows phone app. old school yardage markers on the course
  7. Dave Fitzgerald Manchester NH 2 times a week 1 hour each session usually 2 sometimes 3 since I am such a tech nerd this system really hits my sweet spot. I always putt better the more I practice this setup will help especially with COVID 19 wreaking havoc
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