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  1. Most of my 3 wood use is making up for terrible drives. I use it maybe 1-2 times every couple rounds. I’m also contemplating removing, it but will likely wait till I can do a good full bag fitting and analyze my gaps and makeup. Shotscope had been a huge help seeing some of these issues in my current t setup.
  2. Daniel Sacramento, Ca Yes since the pandemic I walk all my rounds Yes, I bought the Bagboy nitron and love it. Thanks for the opportunity.
  3. Daniel / Fair Oaks, Ca Yes i am a RH Golfer I would like to try the UiHi Driving Iron 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff Backup - GS53 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff 12.1 I play a Gapr Mid Hybrid currently
  4. Daniel Fair Oaks, Ca Taylormade M3 12.6 118 TSi3
  5. Daniel / Fair Oaks, Ca Handicap - 12 Current Model Wedges Played - Vokey SM7 50F 54F and 58D What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - I like the style, and i like the ability to customize them by torching blue or gold, and the look on the course. it has a matte finish and i have a lot of confidence looking down on it.
  6. Daniel, Fair Oaks, Ca I set up my son's megablocks into a putting channel with a gate and practice on the carpet in my office. I have used a very cheap one and hated it as it never felt like it was helping my on course scoring. Also have the Putterball game and enjoy practicing using a game like that but its not realistic at all for on course improvement. I would like to test the Slow, Public Municipal: 9-10 Stimp speed as i play at public courses.
  7. Daniel / Fair Oaks Ca/US Evnroll er2b Interested in testing the Ketsch as the alignment help looks good on that model and i have never played a full mallet shape. 2nd choice would be the Tyne 3 model as i just recently switched form the Oddyssey 7 but it was too straight for my stroke arc. These models being slight arc would be great.
  8. Daniel/ Fair Oaks, Ca 10.3 Taylormade M3 with KBS c-taper 120 shafts Would love the opportunity to test these for the MGS audience. I love using data like you guys do to gain an objective answer to the questions asked and would plan to use my experience to help create a detailed analytical review of these irons. Thank you for your consideration
  9. Daniel / Fair Oaks, Ca Currently Play a Titlist SM7 50,54,58 I would love to try it in the 54 as this is my more highly used and probably the best to see differences.
  10. 1) I'm a 16 handicap living in the Sacramento, Ca Area 2) Currently playing Taylormade M3 Irons with KBS c-Taper 120 stiff shafts and Golfpride Mcc Aline Grips 3) I have heard the name before and seen them on Instagram but otherwise know nothing about this brand except that they are a disrupter and using a different business model then the majors. Intrigued by the look and concept though
  11. Daniel/Sacramento, CA no never used a gps watch but was looking at the V3 currently use a cheap/inaccurate scope and iPhone apps
  12. Daniel/ Fair Oaks, Ca ~3 times a week, ~45 min in 3 sessions and a good 15-20 min before a round every other week. Around 3 3-putts a round. I don’t have a lot of space to practice longer putts. A good simulator would enable me to expand from just working on my swing path and the starting line using my toddlers Megablocks to make a gate. He also just took his blocks back so this would be great as I am needing to figure out a new way to practice. Really feel like this would help me hole more of the make-able putts I am missing.
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