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  1. Two drivers come to mind: 1. Titleist 905R with the blue/gold stiff shaft in it. I could fly distances with it that were amazing. 2. Adams 9064 proto head on an Aldila green Xstiff. That deep face was so easy to hit. Still have that combo and going to give it to a son soon. Biggest secret, for me, with the LONG Ball.......was I was in my 30's.!!!!!!!!
  2. I emailed Tayormade and got an answer back from them that was/was not on point. The email said that the 16g back weight was standard for the Sim2 driver and the 24g back weight was standard for the Sim2 Max driver. A look at their web page pictures proves this point on the two drivers. The Sim2 Max driver that I got new and walked out of the store with had a 16g back weight in it ????!!!!! Maybe someone in the shop was goofing around and changing shafts and heads and back weights for a fitting but who knows. Anyway a buddy of mine has the Sim2 Max driver also and today I met him at our outdoor driving range and I was able to change out the weights back and forth. The screw that holds in the back weight requires a T10 wrench but not big deal. I did notice that the 16g weight I took our of my Sim2 Max had been blue lock tite on it!!!!!! I changed out the weight to the 24g version and hit a bunch of balls. They did seem to be a wee bit higher and even spin more but hard to tell. After a bucket of going back and forth with the weights, I decided to stick with the 16g and feel lucky that it was in the one I bought. It does make sense that a "MAX" made and marketed head would have the 24g weight for more forgiveness and height. If you are looking for a wee bit of adjusting on your Sim 2 Max head maybe a 16g weight would be something to check out. They are readily available on Ebay for $18-20.
  3. As stated above I have seen Sim2 Max drivers with both a 16g back weight in some and a 24g back weight in others and the question is why the difference? Is is a function of trying to reach a specific swing weight for a given shaft and or loft? What ball flight change would be seen if the 16g back weight is changed out for a 24g weight, assuming all other factors remain the same?
  4. I'm adjusting a Epic Flash 15degree fairway from the stated ?? loft of 15 to 17 degrees which is the max allowed on the adaptor of +2. I realize that by increasing the loft I am also closing the club face, but wondered if there where other considerations with this change. I haven't owned a Callaway club for many years and noted that on the adaptor you can adjust loft and face angle ?? as represented by the second ring marked "N", "S", and "D". I assume, but do not know that the n = neutral, d = draw, but s= ??? Slice ???? Any input is wanted. Any other adjustment would you recommend when making this change ? Thanks
  5. THIRD FOLLOW UP: I got a call a couple of days ago that TM had approved a replacement for the second Sim2 driver head to come from this store's inventory. They also allowed me to switch out a Diamana shaft that I had in the driver going back to TM with a lesser TM shaft. I went into the store and again the staff was super cool and helpful. After thinking it through, I opted for a Sim2 Max head at 10.5 and a Ventus Blue shaft(non premium version). I changed out the grip and next day played 18. This combo is great and after getting use to it was producing some great drives. The sound from this Max head was so different from the other defective heads. Hope this one holds up to my powerful 100mph+- swing.
  6. It's probably due to my powerful and furious swing speed of 101-103 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Second Follow Up: I needed to have a couple of SM7 wedges bent a wee bit and took both of them into the OTHER LGS in the other city I used last time. I also took the new replacement Sim2 (it was replacing a Sim driver with a crack in the head) back to the second LGS in another city as mentioned in my last post. The head was making a dull thud upon impact sound and very different from any other TM driver that I've owned. I didn't know if the Sim2 replacement was just sounded that way as the head was designed or if there was a problem with the head itself. Could it be that I was just missing the sweet spot on almost all the swings ??? I know that with my swing speed I could not have damaged it playing and it hasn't been dropped or damaged any other way. Different staff this time but just as polite and professional. I had a young sales guy hit my Sim2 and another off the rack and see if we could hear or discover a problem. This young guy also had a similar swing speed to mine and after hitting it 4-5 times said that the ball reacted the same on all shots and he could not tell from that demo if there was anything wrong with the head. Another young salesman was watching the demo with me and said that the driver off the store's rack sounded different than my Sim2. The demo hitter said that he would send the club into TM and they would run analysis on it to see if there was a problem and let me know. I said fine as it was not in my bag due to the sound and the falloff in performance. I was bagging my older M4. They also mentioned that it would be a 5-6 week turnaround. This morning I got a call that my wedges were ready to pick up and that TM had been contacted and was willing to replace this driver ALSO!!!!! This call was from the store manager and he said that I could have the damaged Sim2 back to play with until the replacement arrived or just have them hold it until the replacement arrived. I mentioned to him that it wasn't in the bag and I would wait the 5-6 weeks that he also mentioned. He then said when the replacement came in that they would change around any combo of SIM2 head and shaft to get what I would want. I looked over the store's inventory and it is more than enough to choose a good combo from. I'm thinking about moving to a Sim2MAX head this time with a Ventus made for shaft, either a 50g stiff or a 60g stiff. Good news on the warranty side but........ a long wait for a second try at a replacement.
  8. Follow up to the Sim Driver situation I took the driver into the LGS that I had my reservations about and they had one of their guys hit it in the demo bay. He was at 105 mph which is a wee bit faster than me at 103 and he took 6-7 swings with it and pronounced it solid and good to go. I did break up their party time to have them look at it and feel bad about that. Their service level and courtesy was at the level that I expected. I wasn't satisfied with that answer and procedure so I drove to another town and went into the LGS there. The manager wasn't in but the assistant manager was the guy that waited on me. He was very pleasant and courteous all the time. I asked him if he could look at this head and/or test it and see if there was something amiss or a crack. He took the club and looked at it for about 15 seconds and said "There is a crack in the crown here". He said that if I could wait for about 10 minutes he would call Taylormade and see what could be done. I was surprised and said that I would wait whatever time it took. After about 5 minutes he returned and asked me my name and said that Taylormade had approved it for a replacement with a Sim2 from the store's inventory and upon receipt of the Sim driver Taylormade would replace the store's inventory with whatever Sim2 driver I choose. It was surprising and a pleasant task then ahead of me to choose a replacement from their ample inventory. I choose a Sim2 10.5 head on a Hzrdus RDX Smoke Hexcell 60g in a 6.0 as they did not have any Ventus shafts available. The Asst. Manager then offered to remove the grip from my Sim shaft if I wanted to keep it and if I wanted to try another shaft in the Sim2 to return and they would accommodate me from their inventory. He also said if I wanted to change out the shaft in the Sim driver that they were sending in, "just bring it in within the next 5 days with any shaft that fits and we'll change it out for you". After that apparently they send off a batch of warranty clubs to TM. I have bought a few minor items from this store but that is going to change going forward. Good job Taylormade.
  9. Thanks for your ansers !!!! I was not really interested in the value $$$ of the putter but just wondering if that particular Anser 4 was suppose to be the Holy Grail of putting at one time. OLD GUY GOLF - - I understand your feelings about dropping the game due to the knee replacements many years ago. I had both of mine replaced about 3 years ago and it's been a struggle to return to a decent swing and handicap. If I should run across another Anser 4 putter I will pick it up for you and give you a PM/
  10. Today on the way home from playing 18 I picked up a Ping Anser 4 putter in very very good shape with a lousy grip on it that I will replace with the Ping Man grip. It is the Karsten Mfg. Corp. with a Phoenix 85068 Zip with black shaft band and I believe it is a steel head. I will regrip it and give it a try out to see if it makes the bag. Just wondering if this putter has legendary status ???
  11. I have recently been seeing a lot of buzz about these Srixon irons and wondered about how they compare to the Honmas. The appearance is close and I think they come with basically the same shaft. I'm not sure but I think that the lofts are very close if not the same. Those of you with experience in both would be interesting to hear your comments. 1. Size 2. Feel 3. Performance 4. Overall
  12. I'm not following your connection with a backorder of components to the staff of a local store.
  13. I just called the customer service department at Taylormade with concerns over a Sim driver head that is now sounding funny and has lost about 30 yards in comparison to my M4. I was told that the CS turnaround time would be 5-6 weeks. Our local golf store is a joke with teenagers basically running the store and taking turns in the simulator, pass on their review. Anyone else have these challenges ???
  14. Did Spieth choke on 18??? I'm not a Spieth fan.....and not a Kokrak fain either, just to me a couple of PGA professionals going at it. I've seen Kokrak play in person and was impressed but still wondered why he hadn't won more on tour. I know that Spieth's lie on his approach on 18 was tough but he was the one that hit it there and then pulled the approach into the pond. He seemed to be missing a gear or two during the round and neither of them were spot on.
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