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  1. I would look at the Vokey wedges from SM7 to SM9 models and find the grind that fits your course conditions/playing style the most.
  2. I would go with a 16.5 fairway Irregardless of OEM. So much easier to get up and many PGA players are either at 13.5 or 16.5 degrees.
  3. The guy I bought from had 583 reviews and stood at 100% What I bought from him wasn't a golf club, but the principle is the same, and when I returned the item to the Manufacturer for repair/replacement the Manufacturer responds back to me "COUNTERFEIT". I love the seller's response ......basically was I didn't know it was a counterfeit so take it up with Ebay or the manufacturer. Ebay says again if after 90 days.....no can do. Seller is an idiot and when I said it's your responsibility to know if you are selling counterfeit goods fraudulently. We exchanged emails and I told him I have the letter from the manufacturer if you want proof. Crickets.......probably some young idiot.
  4. That name Kroydon thunderbolt brought back some great memories for me. My dad bought me a set of these irons 2-pw back in the late 60's and they came with white grips on them. I am not sure but I think they were some house brand as my Dad, a Scotchman, was a true value shopper. I played with them until the grips fell off and then after putting them aside for a while bought some Titleist irons. I think back in that time period that replacing worn grips was not a priority and remember seeing the shaft through some of the holes in the grips.
  5. I know I know I know if you buy through Ebay you could get stuck with a counterfeit item. If you think that Ebay will help you be sure to raise a case before their 90 day period from the date of sale or they will do nothing. Question: How do you know an item, say driver, is a counterfeit if you do not contact the manufacturer withing that 90 days? Most of us do not have the expertise to determine a counterfeit from examination and it usually is only when it is returned to the OEM for repair/replacement that we get the sad news. Ebay is not concerned with sellers pushing counterfeit products if the sale is over 90 days. I know I know you take risks so don't complain, right ? I agree....however you might think that Ebay even though the 90 day period is over, would be interested in a seller pushing bogus goods. I know I know its the sellers that generate the revenue to Ebay, not the buyers, hence their position. If you do buy from Ebay and there are concerns be sure to address them early. Lesson learned
  6. I have seen Muira clubs at my club and also on the Korn Ferry tour. Wishon was a factor in the game many years ago and it seems like the movements in technology to improve the results of the average player have left him behind. Today our clubs come with twist faces, higher lofts, and different weight distribution to help the average golfer. His focus, IMHO, was on the equipment of yesterday and probably had some good products to offer back then. I have had contact with two local club makers who use non major components in their club sets and none to date have used his products although one was familiar with him. I have never seen any of Wishon clubs in the bags at my club and in the various munis that I also play on to date. I was aware of his products through a catalog and have read many of his articles and books. Again IMHO, he seemed to be very impressed with his own work and could be seen as fighting the major club makers in a form of chasing windmills. There seemed to be some deep intolerance for their products on his part. JMHO.......
  7. I agree there is a fun thing tied to buying something used for a great deal. This Ping G was $109 after being marked down from $179. I had done some homework on PGA value guide a few months ago and was surprised at the price on this item in this "cleaned up" condition. I think the reason for this club not selling before I found it was the dirt and grass on the face of the club. I would think that if I wanted to trade some clubs in for trade credit or $$ I would clean them up a wee bit. Glad this one was dirty.
  8. I had been looking for a 4 or 5 fairway to complete an overhaul on my bag and dropped into the local Golf Galaxy. After a few laps around the store and some time looking at the previous years large inventory section now having some great sales I stopped at the used club area. I was surprised to find a Ping G fairway 17.5 in that rack. I pulled it out and asked a sales guy to please scrub the club head down for a better inspection. When he gave the cleaned club back I was surprised to find it in excellent shape with no use marks on the bottom and only a couple of hit marks on the face. It still had the manuf. decal on the shaft above the head and the grip looked new. It was an average price for a used Ping fairway but for the condition it was a dandy. I put a grip of my choice on it and out to the driving range I went. It was super cool to see it elevate the shots when set at 17.5 degrees and for now I'm leaving it there to try out on the course. It's been a long time for me to have a Ping club in the bag other than putters but Ping seems to have been producing some great equipment that I have over looked. I think there are a few Ping staffers playing this same club head ? Is this club become a classic and desirable for a 2016 club???
  9. When I bought this Sim 2 Max driver, I did not notice that the back weight was 16g instead of the 24g that the Max comes with. I simply did not know nor check to see if it had been changed out while possibly in the LGS. Recently I have been dialing in that driver and happy with the progress and the adjustments made but then noticed that weight should have been 24g according to the TM web site. I called up TM CS and they said that they didn't have a supply on hand, but the guy said he would look around the shops and see if he could find a 24g lying around and would send one off. I didn't put much faith in his "looking around" and bought a 24g on the web and when it arrived today put it in and off to the driving range. I was amazed at how what seemed to be a very small change in the weighting of the head could be felt in the gripping and swinging of the club. The results were great with a wee bit more forgiveness and a lot more consistency of ball flight plus an increase in distance. I would now check out the specs for any removable weights on a driver head before going forward and buying a new one to make sure I got what was originally offered with the head.
  10. Two drivers come to mind: 1. Titleist 905R with the blue/gold stiff shaft in it. I could fly distances with it that were amazing. 2. Adams 9064 proto head on an Aldila green Xstiff. That deep face was so easy to hit. Still have that combo and going to give it to a son soon. Biggest secret, for me, with the LONG Ball.......was I was in my 30's.!!!!!!!!
  11. I emailed Tayormade and got an answer back from them that was/was not on point. The email said that the 16g back weight was standard for the Sim2 driver and the 24g back weight was standard for the Sim2 Max driver. A look at their web page pictures proves this point on the two drivers. The Sim2 Max driver that I got new and walked out of the store with had a 16g back weight in it ????!!!!! Maybe someone in the shop was goofing around and changing shafts and heads and back weights for a fitting but who knows. Anyway a buddy of mine has the Sim2 Max driver also and today I met him at our outdoor driving range and I was able to change out the weights back and forth. The screw that holds in the back weight requires a T10 wrench but not big deal. I did notice that the 16g weight I took our of my Sim2 Max had been blue lock tite on it!!!!!! I changed out the weight to the 24g version and hit a bunch of balls. They did seem to be a wee bit higher and even spin more but hard to tell. After a bucket of going back and forth with the weights, I decided to stick with the 16g and feel lucky that it was in the one I bought. It does make sense that a "MAX" made and marketed head would have the 24g weight for more forgiveness and height. If you are looking for a wee bit of adjusting on your Sim 2 Max head maybe a 16g weight would be something to check out. They are readily available on Ebay for $18-20.
  12. As stated above I have seen Sim2 Max drivers with both a 16g back weight in some and a 24g back weight in others and the question is why the difference? Is is a function of trying to reach a specific swing weight for a given shaft and or loft? What ball flight change would be seen if the 16g back weight is changed out for a 24g weight, assuming all other factors remain the same?
  13. I'm adjusting a Epic Flash 15degree fairway from the stated ?? loft of 15 to 17 degrees which is the max allowed on the adaptor of +2. I realize that by increasing the loft I am also closing the club face, but wondered if there where other considerations with this change. I haven't owned a Callaway club for many years and noted that on the adaptor you can adjust loft and face angle ?? as represented by the second ring marked "N", "S", and "D". I assume, but do not know that the n = neutral, d = draw, but s= ??? Slice ???? Any input is wanted. Any other adjustment would you recommend when making this change ? Thanks
  14. THIRD FOLLOW UP: I got a call a couple of days ago that TM had approved a replacement for the second Sim2 driver head to come from this store's inventory. They also allowed me to switch out a Diamana shaft that I had in the driver going back to TM with a lesser TM shaft. I went into the store and again the staff was super cool and helpful. After thinking it through, I opted for a Sim2 Max head at 10.5 and a Ventus Blue shaft(non premium version). I changed out the grip and next day played 18. This combo is great and after getting use to it was producing some great drives. The sound from this Max head was so different from the other defective heads. Hope this one holds up to my powerful 100mph+- swing.
  15. It's probably due to my powerful and furious swing speed of 101-103 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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