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  1. What is the opinion of using a lie board to measure the correct lie of an iron vs. examining the resulted divot from the same club. I've heard that lie boards can come up with some dubious results but haven't learned yet if that is true or not. I have a new set of irons that should not technically fit me for the lie measurement but when I look at the divot they are the full width of the bottom of the club and appear to be spot on for a squared up club face. The depth of the divot and length will vary with the club used and of course my own swing faults. I haven't hit these irons on a l
  2. As I mentioned in a previous thread, I had a warranty issue with a Bushnell rangefinder and their offer was 20% of MSRP, which means no warranty. Bushnell used to make quality products in the optic world about 30-40 years ago and were well known for that quality.....lately it is non existent. I moved on to Vortex and their hunting rangefinders that carry a lifetime no questions warranty for the same price..... Simple
  3. Perfect....had about a 20 footer that I missed for the bird but got the par !!!! Lesson learned.
  4. If the iron shaft is .600 and you want to extend that, would you use a .580 sized extender or is the .600 extender intended for .600 shafts with an allowance in size?
  5. To steady my rangefinder while on the course or out hunting/shooting I've started grabbing the bill of my hat' if I'm not by a cart then it's grab a piece of the cart to steady. One time I was in a hurry and ranged what seemed like a 135-140 yard shot but kept getting readying of 160-170 and was dead sure on the flag..........................of the green behind the green I was playing. I did hit the wrong club on that one.
  6. Sorry to hear that the OP did not have his rangefinder turned in......but we know that any driver, fairway, hybrid, putter or wedge found on the course is usually not turned in. While maybe there is a chance that a 7 or 9 iron will be as it doesn't fit into the finders bag in order. When range finders first came around I bought a Bushnell 400 and used it for a while and then sold it to a buddy to buy another Bushnell ???? model. After about a year it started to not display correctly so I called Bushnell. I was told the warranty was only for a year but they would give me a 20% discount
  7. Your question about the MP68's is spot on and one that was tumbling around in my head but the thought of returning to prior form pushed it to the back. I decided to buy a set of perimeter weighted player's irons and am awaiting their delivery today. I've even thought about getting a new hybrid, M3, with a regular shaft to get the height that used to be with me. The driver is working great and with a lot of confidence which leads to more and more great drives. The only problem with the driver is when i feel like I bombed it i go find it usually on the fairway, but it is about 240-260 wh
  8. I picked up a used Ping putter and after regripping it and cleaning it up a wee bit I took only that club out to the practice putting green and only tried to sink 10 foot putts. It was a great lesson on speed control and after about 1.5 hours the putts actually started to go in or rim out. I took it to the course the next time out and was very pleased with the speed control and felt like anything under 10 feet could be sunk. It's still in the bag.
  9. After a layoff of about 1 1/2 years due to a couple of surgeries I am back out on the courses banging away. I used to be a single digit handy but now after the surgeries and the piling on of the years find that distance control with the irons is a wee bit of a struggle. I'm back in the gym getting stronger and working on flexibility in the hips and shoulders with PT but have a real challenge pulling the correct iron. The quality of contact is getting better, chipping is very solid and putting hasn't been better, but those irons??? If I have a 150 yard approach to the center of the gree
  10. I've looked at the loft on some of the new offerings and wondered about the same thing as the OP. Then......just remember the new sets of the 5-PW are really the same as the old sets of 4-9 irons....simple. The number on the club is now immaterial and if we are thinking that I really nuked that 8 irons farther than I have ever hit one before the reality is that you really hit the equivalent of your old 7 iron. I've played some "weak" lofted irons over the years (Mizuno blades) and have been asked by guys in my group after a shot what club I hit. I'm sure they are thinking all 8 irons a
  11. My Orthopedic doc was kind to me post surgery and renewed my pain meds for me to take during PT. Helped some but first Physical Therapist was a wee bit crazy and not productive for me. Second one was much better. Don't be concerned about changing if things are not working out for you. I also learned how pain management in the hospital can be a real variable. First surgery was with a spinal clock and femoral nerve block followed by great nursing care and pain well under control. Second surgery in same hospital but different Anesthesia Doc, he missed on the femoral block and the nursi
  12. I had two knee replacements 2 1/2 years ago for my 3rd and 4th knee surgery. First two were many many years ago and were meniscus removals. That shot that spring and summer golf season as they were 2.5 months apart. Next year was followed by a hernia repair in April and that will slow down your swing speed. So now relearning the use of legs and hips and rotation somewhat successfully but still searching after about 2 plus years without golf. PT is a brutal experience.
  13. I went this year with SM7 wedges in 46*, 56 bent to 54* and a 60* and have been pleased with the new wedges. Newer grooves and a wee bit softer shaft as I did not reshaft these wedges to the X100 I had in my older wedge set up. I have a 8* gap and a 6* gap and find that those seem to fit my swing speed and skill set for now, however everyone needs to find out that zone for themselves. It could be that those who advocate for a 4* gap ........are the ones selling the wedges !
  14. Nothing wrong with the head.......just the lad hitting it. I've hit some bombs with it last year but not connecting with it now. I changed out the heads to the M4 head and went to the driving range today and found some consistency in this setup. The swing is still an ongoing project after 3 surgeries and some recovery time off. Things were coming together at the end and I think the forgiveness of the M4 head is the way to go for now. I used to be a stick with a 4 handy................... but not so much anymore. I'll find it eventually and just need to muck around with the equipm
  15. I just played this week with the M5 head and ended the round still searching. I put the M4 head back on the driver shaft and it will be the next to have a try out. If it doesn't make the team then the M3 will be tried.
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