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  1. Interested to hear what shafts you try, as I am close to your height and weight and SS. I have a Ping G410, and originally had the stock Alta CB J Red 55 shaft in a SR flex (52g. Stiff Reg). A friend had some shafts with Ping adapters and let me try one, and it is a Fujikura Evolution Speeder IV 661 in a S flex (67g) I had never considered a stiff flex and was always worried about feeling too boardy and not getting any kick and didnt think my swing would warrant it. And was thinking the lightest weight was also better for my size and to get the most SS. At first, it did take awhile to get used to the stiffer flex and heavier weight, but really started hitting it farther and better dispersion with less big slices. And eventually was able to feel it loading and releasing, but with a more controlled release. So, now I am open to trying S flex and a heavier weight (that is heavier for me 65-70g) shafts. And this got me interested in trying more aftermarket shafts. Even though my ball striking is inconsistent, I would say I have a mid-launch when I hit the sweet spot.
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