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  1. Scott Nesconset, NY I walk approximately 75% of my rounds. About 30 rounds a season. I currently use a Tour Trek 360 push cart. I’d love to throw it out. My wife doesn’t know about it and it’s only a matter of time before she finds it. At least I can say this cart use would benefit all mankind...
  2. Scott, Nesconset, NY iPhone XS Max, iOS 14.2 Outdoor testing net and heated outdoor range i have a Mevo and I’m not that happy with it. Would love to compare them head to head.
  3. Scott/ Nesconset, NY I practice putting approximately 1-2 hours a week. I 3 putt 1-3 times per round. Im a training aid junkie. This thing looks right up my alley. I have tour striker, orange whip, impact snap, putting mats, Chippo, nets, hopefully soon a Mevo + which we definitely need a review of!
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