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  1. Check eBay and Golf Club Traders group on Facebook. I got fitted for my Veylix Rome and saved 75% on eBay. It’s great but it’s not $400 for a driver shaft great.
  2. Craig Castle Pines, CO Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds - No about 15% but I’m looking to walk a lot more this year to get/stay in better shape Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one - yes bag boy
  3. Craig - Castle Pines, CO RH Driving iron or hybrid x-stiff Handicap 4.2 currently play a 4 Hybrid
  4. Craig Castle Pines, CO Callaway Epic Flash sub zero 5.8 108mph TSi3 thanks!!
  5. Craig /Denver CO/USA TaylorMade MySpider Tour Piper C. My misses tend to be blocked right. Wondering if the center shaft helps fix that for me.
  6. Craig Cook / Castle Pines, CO This year I started to practice my putting 2-3 hrs per week during season. 30 minutes at a time typically. Zero during winter. average ~2-3 3 putts per round but coming down. I am most intrigued about the tech, feedback and ability to do indoors. I am a data junkie so I love to see face angle, path, etc. I got a SkyTrak indoor simulator and absolutely love it. Not good for putting though in my opinion.
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