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  1. Curious to hear how these perform and how the battery holds up. I used to have a Skycaddie SG5, but stop playing as frequently and didn't make sense to keep up with the subscription fee. Plus back then I had to load each course onto the Skycaddie from my PC. Just use an old Bushnell rangefinder now. I do miss the simplicity of the skycaddie, just glance for the front / middle / back yardages and go.
  2. Have any of you tested multiple putters yet on the exputt to see how your gamer stacks up to the backups? From what I read so far, the camera is just analyzing path / speed but no putter club head data (ie launch / face impact).
  3. I made a net in my garage out of PVC / zip ties / netting. Ordered a net from Just for nets (#18 high impact net) and it has held up pretty well for the past 2 months of use. I hit probably 2 - 3 times a week. Out of precaution i extended the right side wall in case of any shanks that could hit a car. So far so good, total cost was under 100 bucks for all materials.
  4. I use Fit 39 gloves, discovered these at a golf shop in Japan. Synthetic material that feels good and lasts long even with my hands that sweat constantly in the FL humidity. One thing is the sizing, I typically wear M but had to go up to L for the fit 39.
  5. Would be great if this could be integrated with other golf simulation software along with launch monitors to improve the overall "simulated" golf experience.
  6. In FL there are just so many barriers to walking it really bothers me. Most courses when I reach out do not let you walk till after a certain point in the afternoon. On top of that, when they do let me walk, I often get charged the same rate as if I took a cart. One course my dad was a member at, decided to ban push carts. Which at the time, only him and 1 other member walked with a push cart. This happened maybe 10 years ago, not sure if they still have that ban but he is no longer a member there.
  7. On a practice green, I like to setup the gate drill with my putter to hit 5-10 foot putts to gain some confidence. At home I use a boomerang putting aid along with an eyeline mirror to ensure proper alignment of the putter head. With putting its all about just getting time in to practice, so just make sure you are hitting putts. Most of my friends always run straight to the range to hit hundreds of balls and couldn't find the practice green if you asked. Find any type of training aid / method of practice that keeps you engaged and looking forward to practicing your putts.
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