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  1. Francis Nemia, Mashpee, MA 13 handicap / 88 average score currently play Ping G25’s
  2. 1. 14 handicap; Mashpee, MA 2. I have a set of Ping G25s and my 8i distance is 165 3. I am only just learning about Sub 70 as of reading this call for testers. I am interested to learn more about them, as I am a big fan of the DTC golf ball and other options (e.g. Snell MTB Black balls and Vice Pure golf gloves)
  3. 1. Mashpee, Massachusetts 2. Garmin Approach G7 (handheld) 3. Garmin Approach G7 (handheld), or my 18 birdies app if I forget it.
  4. Frank / Mashpee, MA I will usually practice putting for about 15 minutes twice a week (primarily at the practice green at the driving range I go to). I usually average 2 - 3 three putts per round. What interests me most is learning more about my putter stroke, and my preferred putter. For the last 15 years I have used an Odyssey White Hot 2 Ball, and have not changed because it generally works for me. I am very intrigued by learning more about my stroke, launch angle on putts, how to fine tune distance control and understand what is causing me to miss putts from the 6-10 foot range (stroke, speed, reading greens(?)).
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