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  1. Hey there My Golf Spy Crew. I think I would be a great tester as I live in Chicago where practicing indoors is very common. I use a VariSpeed putting system now with PuttOut. I am a Arcos user and it has me at a 6.2 putting handicap. I average 22% one putts, 66% two putts, and 12% three putts. 1.8 putts on all greens 2.2 putts on greens in regulation and 35.0 putts per round average. 3.2 three putts per round. I practice three times a week for about 30 minutes. I practice lag putts 20’ -30’ as well as 6 to 10 footers. Circle of of three footers and two footers. It would be quite helpful for me to see all of the swing data to help dial in my stroke. I currently use an inexpensive launch monitor as I can’t afford a GC quad...seems I can’t afford Quintic either so this would be next best thing. .The thing that I have challenges with indoors is obviously the longer putts, which this system allows you to do through some very cool technology.. Lastly, I would spend a lot of time with this device. I have committed to practice routines before, for example I spent all the time required and discipline to learn and complete all the Plane Mate protocols. including the advanced ones. Very helpful by the way. I say that because I’ll put in the time, and I’ll also see the results, I hope, in my Arcos data. I play 4 rounds a month in the summer and a few nine hole rounds here and there. I’ve already rolled the rock 358 times on the course this summer. Hope you guys pick me, but if you don’t maybe you could give me a heads up on restock of the gray No Putts Given hats. Thanks. - Alex
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