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  1. Yeah my COBRA KING F9 SPEEDBACK is a ball shredder anything outside of dead center. Love the 310+yrd drives and 260yrd+ drives when not trying to crush it. But man.... Even with a decent drive with any part of the ball coming into contact with the balleater grove and it makes razor sharp cuts leaving my ball with a mohawk. This takes all the advertised forgiveness out. My 2018 xr16 is 1000 times more forgiving but 30yrds less distance. Infact if anything this f9 has forced me to have too much on my mind when swinging the club which hurts my consistancy (push/pull). Was even thinking about trying the speed zone to see if i like it as much but ive tried it on a simulator and dont get anywhere near the distance with it. I have an average of 108 headspeed when just goofin but get closer to the 120 mark when trying to set a record. Eitherway if this club didnt have that stupid grove it would be in my bag forever.
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