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  1. Michael East Setauket, NY (Baiting Hollow Golf Club) G410 LST 14.3 index (taking lessons, way too high) 110+ mph I would like to test the TSi3. I would take it to be fitted as well as regular testing on the course and trackman at my golf club.
  2. East Setauket, NY I practice putting every time I go up to my course. Id say 20-30 min. Maybe 2 The part that interest me that most is that I can use it in my living room. My family is about to expand for the first time and because of that I will not be able to make it down to the course to practice as much as I would like. this would be a great tool to keep my putting game strong and probably make it even better!
  3. Hey Guys, I'm from the East end of Long Island. I help run a Facebook group called Long Island Golf Junkies. (see signature for link) I have been playing golf off and on since I am 3. Did not take the game seriously until high school but stopped again in college. Now I can not get enough of it and I am working my way down from a 15 handicap I love everything about the game! The best part is enjoying the day with friends and drinks afterwards. I always knew of mygolfspy but their podcast really got me to read more of their stuff! I am from the East
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