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  1. I mean even if they didn't calculate your index for you, I'm thinking they could just have you enter your Handicap Index on your profile and then use the course data to calculate your course Handicap automatically. Seems like that little bit of programming would be more accurate.
  2. So the reason I ask is because I was looking through the explore option and in the courses you have played, I noticed that I had a Nett Course record, and knew that couldn't possibly be true, so started reviewing some of the information and realized that I couldn't quite figure out what it was doing. But I assume this would also be an issue with the leaderboard features. Which I admit I am not a member of, but if people aren't putting in the consistent data for each course, that's a small problem. At least the Grint does all the calculations for you based on your Index or estimated index. I'm not even sure at all what Shotscope is actually doing with the handicap number, and no where in the HELP or FAQ is it explained.
  3. So...forgive me for maybe not understanding. I don't officially have a handicap card, but I have been keeping track of my scores in the Grint, which is always suggesting the course handicap based off the history of the rounds I have entered. What I am unclear of is what handicap are you to Enter into the shotscope when recording rounds. If you enter the course calculated handicap based on your index, it records that as your new handicap in your over all account profile as well...trying to figure out how to reconcile this.... And also what handicap are you supposed to enter if you only play 9 holes? I'm just trying to reconcile the 2 apps and trying figure out what is correct, is the shotscope information just not accounting for the new Handicapping methods? I was just looking through the course history and was like...my NET shouldn't have been that, because I think it expects you to enter your full 18 hole handicap even if you only played 9?? Anyone played around with this? Or understand how it's supposed to work. Did a couple searches and couldn't find any definite answers.
  4. I had this happen to me the other day. Was running the L1+L5 mode and noticed it. It has only happened once in the three rounds I have played since the Firmware Update, but was a little annoying.
  5. Well the V3 arrived yesterday, and I was able to run over and play 9 last night. As you all had been helpful for me, I figured I would give my first impressions. Set-up went straight through, only small hiccup was the original Bluetooth connection to my phone after entering the code, the app seemed to hang. Closed the App restarted it, ran the procedure again had no issues. Completed the firmware update with no hiccups. Subscribed to all my local courses and had 8 course updates, which all loaded fine. Installed the tags and to the course I went. As other people had said the first time connecting to GPS was slow. I was only using the L1 mode. I might change it to L1+L5 next time just to see. The only problem with shot tracking, was the person taking shots. The only shot it missed was a 7i little punch shot that happened to hit a tree and come to land about 6 yards from where the shot took place Data was successfully recorded even when user error crept in. At one point I walked across a green and it went into Pin Collect mode, even though I had a little chip left that I had bounced over the green. Couldn't immediately figure out how to get out of Pin Collect mode (Found it later), and collected the pin standing about 10 yards off. I moved the watch back to the hole I was on, completed the hole as normal and at the end of the hole stood over the Pin and went into the Menu and chose the Pin Collect option again and completed it. Was expecting this to be a disaster when going back to review the round and was pleasantly surprised that the data was actual perfect. All in all, device works as expected for me. I was making sure not to necessarily tap the sensor to the watch band, but before taking any practice swings just flexing my wrist so that the tags would get relatively close to the band, then started the routine. It fits well on the wrist. I didn't have a problem seeing the screen or anything on the course. The button lock feature, is nice but I may turn it off if I don't have any problems with the buttons, as having to unlock the watch to be able to get to the Hazard view was a little annoying, but not overly so. All in all I am happy with what it did for me, and not having to fiddle with my phone to see GPS info for every shot was pretty nice.
  6. Thanks @golfish! That's exactly what I was curious about. Like the button lock feature!
  7. Do they tell you in the e-mails what they are attempting to fix?
  8. Does anyone know where they post their firmware update change notes? Or are they noted in the app during the upgrade? My V3 should arrive in the next 4 hours or so, curious about the changes and improvements they are making...I come from an IT world, so I'm used to seeing Change Logs.
  9. So, I had been watching the V2 and reading all your reviews for that product for a year, and held off because of the size. With that issue resolved and the discussion that has been occurring here, I ordered the V3 on launch day. I had been using Swing U for GPS and such prior and am curious what all the Shotscope users use to track your score during the round since that isn't built into the product. Just curious what you all might pair your Shotscope with for score tracking. I know the watch doesn't have an overhead view of the hole, that is probably something else I would miss from the app on a course that I don't play as often, so was wondering how you all complement the Shotscope for things like this.
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