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  1. Jason / Pittsburgh iPhone 12 and iPad Outdoors and Indoors, both. Indoor Yes and Outdoor No
  2. Jason - Pittsburgh PA i use an Apple Watch, typically with 18 birdies. And I find that the accuracy isn’t as great as a specific watch. I typically use a laser ranger finder. But a watch would be much better.
  3. Jason/ Pittsburgh (Practice) : I have a Big Miss putting green set up in my basement father of 2 young kids I don’t have a ton of time but what I love about putting is I try to spend 15-30 minutes every night down there. I feel like my speed control has improved. (3 putts) : It depends on the courses. I would say on average 2-3. Some rounds none. Greens have been dry and quick here lately, I actually like that better, the breaks you see are more real. When they’re fuzzy I feel like greens don’t break like they show. (EXPutt) : This technology really great for feedback and vari
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