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  1. Just finished week 1 (3 days) and was absolutely shocked at the results. Thought I would share. A little background. I have been playing for 3 years and am a 16 handicap. I am 26 years old and in fairly good shape. I get regular lessons and have always struggled with driver swing speed. I recently got a fitting and my driver swing speed's average was 91.8. Granted, it was a fitting so I was exhausted, but after seeing the trackman report, my coach suggested I get these and try out the program. Below are my results.. Day 1 - Driver Max (5 swings after warming up) - 98 MPH - Driver Average - 95.4 MPH Day 3 - After Super Speed Routine - Driver Max - 109 (+11 MPH) - Driver Average - 104.8 (+9.4 MPH) I have hit on trackman a ton and have NEVER seen my swing speed get above 103. Seeing it at 109 after 3 workouts was unbelievable. Really looking forward to getting to the range!
  2. That was my fear... We are moving soon to a townhouse with no grass but a pretty large garage. Will probably pick up a strip of turf to put under the club but will stand on the concrete.
  3. Hey everyone! Just got my sticks today and started on day 1 of the first session. Saw some pretty cool gains right off the jump. A question I had...does anyone do their sessions on concrete? I managed to dig up a decent amount of grass by swinging as hard as I was trying to. Any other tips if concrete is a bad move?
  4. My coach literally just sent this over...made the choice to buy easy!
  5. Since you put the PRGR behind you, does that make it more challenging to have to look back at it after each swing? Seems like the only benefit of the Sports Sensors one is that you can see its readings from address.
  6. Thanks @tony@CIC! Is the PRGR tough to set up at all? I have used the radar in the past and it is so simple to just set down and go.
  7. Hey everyone! I’m new to my golf spy and found this thread super helpful. I can’t seem to find a search function, so please just point me in the right direction if this is repetitive. What radar/monitor is the best for the super speed sticks? The new one has some awesome features but not sure if the normal radar works better.
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