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  1. I guess I was confused about this too. I also thought "toe up" referred to lie angle or having low hands at address such that the toe is off the ground at address.
  2. I've been a Snell Black player for a while, but recently picked up some MTB-X's when they were out of the Blacks. I hit the X higher than the Black, and it was immediately noticeable for me. Regarding feel, I think the Snell description is good..."slightly firmer". I actually like the feel of the X...I was expecting "clicky" and it's not. But I think the Black gives me a better ball flight so I'll probably stick with that when the yellows are back in stock.
  3. This is one of the lighter cart bags I've seen....4.2 pounds: https://www.dynamicbrands.com/collections/datrek-golf/products/dg-lite-ii-cart-bag
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