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  1. Anybody use the speedchain from Oates? https://www.oatesspecialties.com/golf-speed-chain-pro-1537 Any tips for a workout program? Anybody use them in conjunction with SuperSpeed? I am considering adding this to my winter training but dont want to waste ~$200 either. Thanks
  2. Brad Rockford, Michigan Yes Clickgear 3.0, going on 10 years with it. Hoping an electric one helps with the elbow tendinitis, pushing seems to aggravative it so resort to one hand pushing
  3. What does the bottom of the flight deck look like, does it sit flat/level? How tall is it without the ring? Thanks in advance and great idea.
  4. Name: Brad Location: Grand Rapids, MI (have indoor simulator for winter play) Current Driver: Titleist 917 D2 10.5* Mitsubishi Diamana LTD White 70 Stiff Handicap: 13.5 Swing Speed 103.9 mph (based on last driver session average) Which Driver Would You Like to Review TSi2, but open to the TSi3 as I think it would help lower my spin, but afraid it would increase my dispersion.
  5. I recently acquired an EXPUTT and really enjoying it so far. Have you had any misreads in your testing, as in you take a practice stroke next to the ball, without touching the ball and EXPUTT records it as put? This happened to me a half dozen times tonight. It doesn't happen every time with a practice stroke but it happens. I assumed EXPUTT recorded head and ball data independently, but it appears the head data has an effect on the ball data? Any thoughts?
  6. Brad / Grand Rapids, Michigan I practice 4-5 times a week, typically 30 minutes a day. I average 2.6 three putts per round. Exputt has some good reviews on another forum I am active on. I am pretty good on the short putts, it is the long putts that kill me. I believe the Exputt would help on the distance control to make the lags into automatic range. I am also very interested in the club data to tell if my misses are path or face angle. Also very interested in the stats and dispersion data. I am an engineer, so very detailed oriented. Should be receiving my Mevo+ in August and would love to compare the data between the two.
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