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  1. What does the bottom of the flight deck look like, does it sit flat/level? How tall is it without the ring? Thanks in advance and great idea.
  2. Name: Brad Location: Grand Rapids, MI (have indoor simulator for winter play) Current Driver: Titleist 917 D2 10.5* Mitsubishi Diamana LTD White 70 Stiff Handicap: 13.5 Swing Speed 103.9 mph (based on last driver session average) Which Driver Would You Like to Review TSi2, but open to the TSi3 as I think it would help lower my spin, but afraid it would increase my dispersion.
  3. I recently acquired an EXPUTT and really enjoying it so far. Have you had any misreads in your testing, as in you take a practice stroke next to the ball, without touching the ball and EXPUTT records it as put? This happened to me a half dozen times tonight. It doesn't happen every time with a practice stroke but it happens. I assumed EXPUTT recorded head and ball data independently, but it appears the head data has an effect on the ball data? Any thoughts?
  4. Brad / Grand Rapids, Michigan I practice 4-5 times a week, typically 30 minutes a day. I average 2.6 three putts per round. Exputt has some good reviews on another forum I am active on. I am pretty good on the short putts, it is the long putts that kill me. I believe the Exputt would help on the distance control to make the lags into automatic range. I am also very interested in the club data to tell if my misses are path or face angle. Also very interested in the stats and dispersion data. I am an engineer, so very detailed oriented. Should be receiving my Mevo+ in Au
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