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  1. Thanks for chiming in 2 months later with all those strong feelings. maybe read the thread next time and you wont have to be so upset at what someone pretty new asked. Good luck with your future endeavors.
  2. Once this learns your distances and such, does it give you club recommendations? like caddy mode or something of the sort? I just pre-ordered one, wont get here until October, haven't done as much research as i probably should have, but i have doubts ill regret it.
  3. I've been searching for a ball I can see in the air after a drive- Since i play alone so often- but to no avail, the best for my eyes so far has been the neon yellow from Snell, but it seems if its overcast I lose those in the air quicker than white balls. Balls I've tried: Novik Orange(got wise), Vice Pro Red, Snell MTB Yellow, Titleist AVX yellow. None of them are great for finding, I hear Blue is a nightmare, and fluorescent green isn't much better. If someone ever finds the perfect color, lemme know!
  4. I went to https://www.golfsub70.com/ did the online fitting, looked at my divots and they coincided. I took it one step further and got a lesson, then asked the pro if he had any clubs with a +2 lie, hit it a few times and had a perfectly even divot. I hope this helps if you are still trying to figure something out.
  5. I haven't actually paid for GHIN yet since Im not interested in competing, I am just in it for the love of the game, and want to get as good as I can. I keep track of my "handicap" through the Golfshot app
  6. TBF I did buy the black irons before satin was available, I still think I would have bought the black Congrats on your purchase, you are going to love them!
  7. Thanks for your input! this is how I felt, but was not sure since I just started in June last year, (at least trying to learn how to get better/rules and such) and my buddy who is as experienced as I am (not much) was so excited by it.
  8. 3 Birdies, I had 4 INSANELY lucky shots. I.E. topped a hybrid, but the hole was way downhill of me, so i got almost full distance, flubbed a chip really bad that hit a sprinkler head that came up less than a foot from the hole. the whole 9 was the equivalent to a slop shot in billiards. skulled a 60 yard pitch that bounced off a rock and rolled up close enough for me to 2-putt. it was insane. I am definitely aware of the fluke which is that 9 hole round lol normally the lucky shots I got would have added 1-2 strokes per those holes.
  9. So I made even par for the first time in my life the day before yesterday, on a 9 hole course here locally. I played said course again yesterday, didn't score as well, but if I add the two scores together I broke 80 for the first time, do you guys consider this my new PR? or does it only count if I play all 18 at once? I personally hadn't even thought of it until my buddy pointed it out. I'm not sure what to think, or if there is a rule on this, so I figured I would come to you more experienced folks for some opinions, or obscure rules knowledge.
  10. I'm 36, I wont walk without a pushcart. Tell your buddy to go pound sand.
  11. I live in southern Utah(Desert all around) so the black finish is getting beat up rather rapidly, because of the large amount of sand in the soil. I would buy them again though, they are gorgeous in person. I’d imagine if you lived somewhere without so much sand in the soil, they would hold up much better.
  12. M2 Driver 9.5 Stiff, all stock, used RBZ 15 degree 3 wood, cobra F6 20 degree hybrid Sub70 699 Pro 4-9 iron standard length, Dynamic Gold S300 shafts with +2 lie. MC +4 align grips Sub70 48 degree wedge KBS Tour Stiff shaft. Bombtech 52/56/60 black wedge set standard grips and shaft. Evnroll Tour Stroke putter with Gravity Grip Gaming Snell MTB balls. Any questions? Hit me up!
  13. Honestly, I liked them until i got the Sub 70 wedge in my hands (KBS Tour 120 S) It is so amazing it makes these other wedges feel dumb. I must also add in, Ive never used a "new" wedge besides the Sub 70 and the Bombtech. 80 Yards and in, I like the Bombtech set, I just don't like having to take full swings with them. Will be upgrading all my wedges to Sub 70 in November. (limited edition wedges coming out)
  14. Whoever gets these is super lucky!!! I got my set a couple months ago and they are awesome, if you like the Taylormade p790's and/or the Mizuno mp-20 MB's these 699 pros fit right in between them!! good luck!!
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