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  1. Jacob Pine Thousand Oaks, CA Currently shoot around 83 I have Taylor made burner 2.0 4-Pw,SW I want to get new clubs next year and was looking at ping/Wilson/Taylor made
  2. Jacob P. Southern California yes- Golfshot on Apple Watch Golfshot- however the app doesn’t work well on the watch. Often times I pull up to my ball and the yardage readout is way off. The fix is restarting the app which on the crowded SoCal courses is difficult to do. When it’s not working yardage sticks are what I use, however not all courses have them.
  3. Jacob Pine- Southern California yes- I use Golfshot on the Apple Watch golfshot- however the app doesn’t work great for the Apple Watch and often times doesn’t update when you are at your ball. Where I live courses are crowded all the time and that means that standing there playing with the watch to get a yardage readout is a no go. I end up eyeballing it based on the yardage sticks (which not all the courses have).
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