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  1. Philip Vernon, CT I walk about 50% of the time and take a cart the rest. Currently use a Click Gear 3.5 push cart but sometimes walk with my carry bag.
  2. I have been looking to schedule more golf travel vacations for my dad and I. My first trip was to Scotland. When I first started to plan the trip it was a little overwhelming with options and different providers. Some that could guarantee a tee time at St. Andrews Old Course and some that somewhat guaranteed but you weren't sure. I was fortunate enough to work with a great tour operator, St. Andrews Golf Travel. The two principals, Mark Gentles and Graeme Dawson, were fantastic and provided white glove service and an experience that made you want to go back as often as possible. I realized tha
  3. Philip/Vernon, CT iPhone XR Primarily indoors because of the weather. I’ll be using a net at my club where they have an indoor simulator setup. It will be possible to compare these results to the about Golf simulator. looking forward to checking out the accuracy.
  4. Philip Vernon, CT 8.4 handicap 105 mph swing speed TS3 driver currently TSi3
  5. Philip Richards - Vernon, CT Currently use Garmin Approach S60 i use a combination of the Garmin and my laser range finder to determine yardage
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