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  1. I wouldn't need to stay at the cottage its not that far of a drive for me. I'm a possible for the golf trying to see what our summer schedule looks like at the fire house.
  2. That sounds like a fun outing. I remember when that course was apart of the brick company. It was them South River and Potomac Ridge. Potomac Ridge was a good 27 hole course before it was sold. Never played South River or Queenstown.
  3. Weather is starting to break hopefully I will be able to get out with some of my fellow spies this spring.
  4. when and where you trying to play
  5. That would be neat I wonder if we could get a group rate
  6. Give me a shout we can set something up at my club or somewhere else.
  7. Im always down to play its easier if you send me a text. Im in sourthern maryland just hit me up
  8. Anytime I will send you a message
  9. Sorry for the late response but yes I can get on base
  10. Been a while since I have posted but anyone in southern maryland trying to play soon
  11. Jarrell Bel Alton, Maryland I never used a hitting mat before. Either I went to the local driving range, the driving range at the course or just swung a club in the back yard to work out the kinks. Using a lm is foreign to me on a personal level. I've used them in hitting bays of dicks and other golf retailers just to see what I was doing. But until I get a more consistent swing honestly in my opinion using one now really wouldn't help me. Plus I go off of feel and visual result, seeing the numbers on a computer feels lie something is left out
  12. Jarrell from Bel Alton, Maryland Yes i'm a right handed golfer The club I would like to test is the VKTR+ 18* Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff and a backup would be the UiHi Driving Iron 18* KBS Tour V Stiff 15 Handicap Longest iron in the bag is a 4 iron and I also play a hybrid.
  13. I know that feeling. Where in Southern Maryland are you
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