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  1. 1) Brendan - Albany/NY 2) I have an artificial turf carpet that I have in front of the golf simulator that I practice putting on. It works but I find it too hard as it is just thin carpet on concrete. Bounces a lot because the concrete is not flat as well. Makes for a challenge! 3) I’m really not a fan of putting mats as they typically are your straight carpet to inclined hole which I hate or too expensive to get a legitimate patch of turf to practice on. Birdie all has caught my eye before but I thought the price was too much for the size I wanted. 4) Medium 10-11 would be idea
  2. Brendan - Albany, NY area - yes I have used garmin watches and friends rangefinder - currently use garmin watch with shot tracking and score keeping on the garmin golf app as well as garmin ct10 trackers
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