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  1. It confirmed what we've thought all along. The KSIG 3.2 are excellent balls for anyone looking to play on the cheap, and good balls for SOME more discerning players. They will not work for anyone that is a natural high spin player. Those that are purely focused on distance may have similar issues off the driver with the loss coming from spin x speed. Similarly if you value both the tour performance and don't like the "x" versions of balls like the TP5x or the ProV1x, they won't be for you even though they're dirt cheap comparatively. If KSig can get these feeling a touch less clicky and c
  2. https://youtu.be/YqLVynGnsCQ From your boys Matt and Galvin!
  3. This is almost the exact switch I'm considering. I hit the Zx7s last night and let's just say my better half will not be happy if I find somewhere to try these out on grass and they still hold up. Gentleman working the sim suggested I go to the X100 or a PX LZ Your input is greatly appreciated!
  4. You were launching too low with too much spin in the KBS Tours? I was under the impression that the Tours were higher launching than the Modus family of the same weight. Did anyone else make this switch? I'm playing KBS Tour S+ 125g right now and am considering a shift to the Modus 125. Any insights welcome.
  5. Ahh, so I wasn't too far off! Glad you found something that you're happy with and that works. The G410 is an awesome driver head. Enjoy!
  6. Good luck! And yes, I think I had the same approach. Shaft is going to be what's driving the club head. It'll have a lot more influence on your confidence and dispersion laterally. Club head will then fine tune feel, forgiveness, spin, and distance within reason. Obviously if a club head is drastically lighter/heavier or blade vs chonk it's going to make a diff but most manf'rs have several categories to try out. In my experience it matters more for irons and wedges than drivers since most driver heads are adjustable on your own nowadays. Also, if you take a look at the data tables from MGS re
  7. Oops, I assumed you moved on to something different Solid numbers. Start lines are usually for putts but I guess what I meant is what path and trajectory does your ball start on off of the tee. The straight pull left helps. I had similar issues where I went from a slice (rh) to a fade with the occasional laser left ever time I'd try to "play" the slice or fade. I'd look for a shaft in the stiff/stiff+ range, mid launch and low spin. I think the Evenflow Riptide may be a decent option in 6.0 with something in the 60g range. Maybe an Aldila Rogue Silver. If your launch is very
  8. Easy there, I think you're reading the wrong break. I'm not trying to sell anything and I think I gave it a fair shake coming from someone who didn't have the luxury of playing with top gear when I first started (tennis or golf for that matter). If anything I advised against the purchase, no? IIRC, I paid maybe $225 bucks for the Driver and 3 wood combo on sale, returned them, and had no issues. The people over at BT were pretty accommodating and nice. I paid $107ish for their wedges when I tried them and had no issues sending them back either. Considering a player that's learning, young
  9. What are you currently playing? What shaft and what loft? What's your average distance, best case scenario distance, and your usual miss? Last but not least what's your "start line" like? PGATSS has fittings for $55ish by me. Depends on how much time they spend with you. Never feel obligated to buy, and NEVER buy on your first/second play. Also, since you're paying the money, don't hesitate to ask and try as many combinations as you like.
  10. If you have some basic stats-- swing speed, launch angle, and spin, or can tell me about what your ball currently does, and what you want it to do I can give you some suggestions and direction to look at/ start with so that your fitting will be a little more targeted. It'll save you a bit of time for the basics.
  11. Much has changed in 7 months for me both club-wise and swing-style. I'm now consistently driving the ball in the 270-290y range and my targeting has improved with approximately the same swing-speeds. Having said that I don't think my opinion would change drastically. After having tested about 10 other drivers since I authored this I'd say that the Grenade is a value for the developing player that wants to get something solid while saving a couple $$, but isn't ready to dip into the mainstream offerings just yet and commit to the investment a proper fitting and mainstream driver requires.
  12. "Ooooh, so sorry, my 'practice' ball went 40 yards further than yours and paid for my transfusion at the turn". Must be the extra ink-distance ratio
  13. KSig balls and anything 8i or under are a match made in heaven if you have even moderate spin. They stick to greens and even suck back if you're coming in hot. It's the rest of the game that's a little less predictable, and the internal quality/consistency which drops them a shelf. Take a look at the ball-lab comparison MGS did-- really interesting stuff.
  14. Yep, thanks I scoped them last night. I had about 4 packs in my cart and then said wait a minute let me look in my closet. 5 new boxes later I sheepishly closed my laptop and held off. They don't seem to have practice or x-out triple track Chrome Soft X or LS (may have bought a triple track putter on a whim last night ).
  15. I have them packed up already but they're pristine. Will go take some pictures.
  16. Selling my ForgedTec One Irons 4-Pw+ G KBS Tour 105 XS shaft Midsize Lamkin Wraptech smart-grips with Arccos grips Standard Length 9/10 condition-- played twice on course and 3x at the range Asking $750 + $15 Con. US Shipping or trade for Srixon Zx5 irons. Contact acesandholes@gmail.com or messages here.
  17. Gotcha. I used to play with some Callaway x-outs. They had really minor imperfections and I wasn't good enough to care at the time. Where do you get yours typically? I recently gave the TP5 a shot and like it so far. I've had mixed results getting seconds for other brands. I'm working through my stock of K-sig but once I'm done these sound like a better option. Love the K-sigs but they spin a bit too much off my driver and on a windy day it's impossible to control for me. I know that you can't play with them for tournaments, but otherwise good to go.
  18. Check out the Hzrdus Smoke Black or Yellow if you get a chance. Cally Pre has them for as low as $70
  19. Are the Snakebite grooves more prone to shredding softer ball covers?
  20. How do you find them in comparison to the non-practice? I've heard they're near-identical or basically "seconds"
  21. They play a lot difference on course than they do on mats. The bounce is pretty heavy
  22. Definitely not a fan either. I find them distracting.
  23. Pretty. Did you see the new S70/ TAIII Blades?
  24. There are times when I find a wildly open fairway and will straight up call a scrap ball just to see what I can do with it with a full swing.
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