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  1. 1. I chose the Forged Tec because I have been improving as a player and recently played a few rounds with some more "blade like" clubs and absolutely loved the feel. I hit my long irons around the same distance as I have cavity backed clubs and with this more mature style I see longer and higher flight and more consistent spacing in distance. Being a former baseball player, I have high swing speed, so I think this option is much better for me than the Tec X. Also, I just started using the Arccos sensors on my clubs and think it is super neat that the sensors are actually built into the grips. 2. Thomas / Chaska, MN 3. Currently play the Callaway X-20 Irons. 4. Handicap is a 13.8 5. Yes, I enjoy talking about my experience with new products, so I would be happy to participate in future discussions.
  2. Hi all, had the opportunity to try these out for two rounds. For some context, I currently use cavity backed irons so this was a big change going to these much more menacing looking irons! Results were mixed at first, but I love these clubs. The look at address was beautiful and even with the 6 iron (highest iron in the bag) I felt comfortable. I usually push my irons, but I was getting a tight draw with these. I hit the 6 iron over 200 yards consistently which I can't even get with my cavity backed 4 iron. Misses, especially fat, hurt distance, but it took a very off center strike to get the stinging in the hands. Overall I really enjoyed these clubs and now looking for well needed upgrade to my irons. Wondering if anyone has any ideas of similar irons and how would people recommend purchasing clubs (new, fitting, eBay, etc.) There are pros and cons for each; just haven't purchased a set of clubs before so looking for some advice! Thank you!
  3. 1. Thomas , Chaska Minnesota 2. Average Score: 90 3. Callaway X-20 Irons
  4. 1. 18 Handicap - Chaska, Minnesota 2. Callaway X20 Irons. 8 Iron carry distance is about 160 yards. 3. I have never had any experience with Sub 70 before. From a little research however, it looks like they are an interesting company.
  5. 1. Thomas Harr - Twin Cities Area, Minnesota 2. I have never used a GPS device, but am currently looking for one. 3. I currently use the App for the course I play at or I walk off from the nearest sprinkler head or marker.
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