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  1. Would love to see how these stack up against 18Birdies, V1 Game, and Arcoss (which I currently use).
  2. Chris, South Jersey, extra stiff to stiff shafts Driver > Irons, swing speed 100-110. Currently playing SpeedZone SZ driver, big tour 3, F7 2-3 and 3-4 with connect. Would love to see how the new versions stack up against last year and later models.
  3. Chris Haddonfield, NJ I walk occasionally now, but have made a commitment get out of the cart more often. Living in NJ our courses have varying conditions. This would be an interesting platform to test here. When I walk, I carry. No push cart here.
  4. Chris Haddonfield XI iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch Both Both
  5. Chris C - Southern New Jersey/Phila Metro Yes & Yes Current iPhone 18Birdies + Apple watch user
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