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  1. Alex Katy, TX I currently practice on a 9' foam putting mat during the winter, and the night before a round of golf. I previously built a putting ramp using a decent outdoor carpet with a tight nap that allowed me to practice with a variety of breaks. I would like to test the fast speed, as I have found that it is the most demanding. Thanks,
  2. Handicap and Location - Katy, Texas Current Irons and 8-iron distance - Titleist 712 AP1, 130 yds. What do you know about Sub70? - I do not know anyone who plays it, and I have not seen their clubs: I have only read a little of their promotional material.
  3. I live in Katy, TX (outside of Houston) I have not used a GPS watch, I have used a couple of older GPS devices, a couple of different android apps including iGolf mobile. Currently I am mainly using a Bushnell Range Finder
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