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  1. Howdy! Long time listener, first time caller, and glad to be among this great group! I am looking forward to contributing where and when I can. Been chasing golfing greatness (unsuccessfully) for 50+ years interrupted by a 17 year hiatus to raise a family that needed a Dad more than they needed a good golfer. I am now semi-retired and play to a 9 handicap. It is a game of honor and sportsmanship than can be played but never conquered. I believe you can learn more about a person during 18 holes of golf than you can in years of normal social interaction. Don't know other Spies, but always seem to migrate here when trying to make equipment decisions or to validate what others may have reported. I am from New England, but moved to Fort Myers, Florida. (Despite what my better half may claim, this move had nothing to do with golf). Home club is Colonial here in Fort Myers. There are 1300 golf courses (est) in Florida so there is always a new course somewhere to play. Rainy season and temps in the 90's with lots of humidity can present challenges. Semi-retired small business owner now doing Real Estate photography a few days per week. Best to all; Fairways and Greens, John
  2. John / Fort Myers, FL Vokey 50°/8, Vokey 58°/4 Would choose 56°/10 in satin Thanks for the opportunity; good luck to all!
  3. Congrats Testers!! Amazing response for this test... Looking forward to reading your reviews for this!
  4. Hello, new to forum... Would you be so kind as to add the profile badges for HOLE IN ONE (actually had two) and BROKE 80. Latest round to break 80 was posted with USGA on 7/2/20. Hole in ones were 7/7/07 (won't forget this date) and 1/2009 (don't remember exact day). Thanks; I look forward to contributing to this forum. John P3
  5. John Powers, SW Florida Yes, Sky Caddie (?5) handheld (2005-2006), Laser Link Red, cart-based GPS. Currently use Laser Link and cart-based GPS. I am looking at Shot Scope v3 and interested in all wearable solutions. I am a “long time listener, first time caller” and first signed into MGS Forums just today. I have not yet donated or contributed to the discussions and do understand that one must first pay their dues prior to gaining insider status, but hell, I’ve been rejected before... Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Thanks for the opportunity, John P3
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