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  1. That makes sense. Thank you for your explanation! I think that I’ll give decade a go next season! Hopefully I will be able to get a launch monitor this Christmas. I’m looking forward to the new Garmin and Bushnell options to be released! I may reserve a bay at PGATSS on a rainy day until then.
  2. It’s more or so that I don’t have a consistent shot pattern/swing yet. I really need to practice more, but generally I will opt to play 9 vs going to the range. Generally I try to see after the first 2 holes where my shot are going and then adjust my aim from there. But walking up to the first tee box, I can’t tell you which way it’s going to go. I think it’s based on how hard I swing. If I swing hard I’ll go right, and I swing slow I go left. Since finally getting a real driver, I’m often leaving myself 120yds or less to the green. And from there it’ll take me 4-5 shots to get it in the hole. So I know I need to work on my short game, 2 chips have been killing me lately.
  3. Thank you! I think you summarized this up better than be. Both use strokes gained, just one is a visual approach and the other is a mathematical approach.
  4. Still sounds pretty similar. The farther away you are from the green, the larger your dispersion circle will be, which means you’ll be aiming closer to the middle of the green. They could be saying the same thing, just wording it differently. LSW was published in 2014, so maybe Decade is an updated approach. I’m still not good enough for either system. But I’ve went from shooting in the 100s to shooting in the low 90s this year, mainly by using my driver off the tee and not laying up on approach shots. I might still give decade foundations a shot.
  5. Care to elaborate? Most of what I know about decade is about your tee shot. I do t know much about the approach shot.
  6. Pretty much you aim for the center or biggest part of the green, while trying to keep penalties/traps out of your circle as much as possible.
  7. So after reading this thread back in November I bought Lowest Score Wins. The book is great! I enjoy the Hack It Out podcast as well and they talk about Decade a lot. Anyways the two course management systems seem very similar. Really the only difference I see is that LSW uses you dispersion circles and Decade used distance triangles. But they seem to come to the same conclusion. Anyone care to elaborate if there is anything I’m missing? I was considering the foundations course, to get a decision map for my home course, but I don’t know if it would be anything that I haven’t read or heard in LSW.
  8. Evan Lee Columbus, OH Apple Watch/iPhone with The Grint, 18 Birdies, and Golfshot apps. Garmin Approach S20. Garmin Approach S20
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