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  1. Rowayton, CT and Ft Myers FL CBD COMBO PACK with GUMMIES Proficient (like 2.5 hour rounds), fairways and greens mostly, amiable, patient and focused. Use a GPS that tracks distance and heart rate monitor to track fitness levels. I’m a big advocate for non-prescription anti inflammatories and other supplements that help the body recover, detoxify, enhance the immune system, regulate homeostasis, and calm the nervous system. I’ve tried a few different brands of CBD and even CBD/low THC, with varying degrees of symptom reduction (mostly related to inflammation and s
  2. Jon/Rowayton, CT PXG 0311 Forged/Cleveland Full Face 52/58
  3. Jay Vincent- Rowayton CT Yes. Garmin S20 GPS watch and Leupold Rangefinder
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