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  1. Jay Connecticut Scotty Special Select Del Mar Impact No. 1 I happened to purchase the original No. 3 before it showed up on the MGS Most Wanted—and was happily surprised to learn it took high honors. I just happened to be messing around with it at a Golf Galaxy. I wasn’t even thinking about buying another putter to add to my collection, but the dumb thing kept dropping putts in from everywhere, so I bought it spontaneously for $45 (used). Unlike some clubs that do so well at the store, it actually worked—as advertised—on the course. The less than premium finish quality
  2. Rowayton, CT and Ft Myers FL CBD COMBO PACK with GUMMIES Proficient (like 2.5 hour rounds), fairways and greens mostly, amiable, patient and focused. Use a GPS that tracks distance and heart rate monitor to track fitness levels. I’m a big advocate for non-prescription anti inflammatories and other supplements that help the body recover, detoxify, enhance the immune system, regulate homeostasis, and calm the nervous system. I’ve tried a few different brands of CBD and even CBD/low THC, with varying degrees of symptom reduction (mostly related to inflammation and s
  3. Jon/Rowayton, CT PXG 0311 Forged/Cleveland Full Face 52/58
  4. Jay Vincent- Rowayton CT Yes. Garmin S20 GPS watch and Leupold Rangefinder
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