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  1. It’s such a good thing to watch manufacturers find a way to bring us golfers better products, and the best technologies at more reasonable prices. No doubt today’s golf ball is better than ever, and it makes a huge difference to me which one I play. There’s a reason why I only play premium tour level balls, and that’s because there is a vast difference between the premium tour level urethane cover ball, to the middle grade non-urethane ball, down to the bargain priced ball—and that holds true on every type of shot. As someone who can appreciate the differences between these different grades and who demands perfection out of each shot from tee to green and putting, there can be no compromise, no matter the cost. I would not suffer playing a less than premium ball, and even among the premium balls I have my favorites. I am less likely to lose a ball in a round, so I’ll play with the same ball until the cover is scuffed up from wedge shots, then hand them over to my playing partners who don’t have the same standards that I have or they go into my bag of shag balls. The premium balls have predictable spin and launch characteristics off the tee that I rely on and desire, and they are most noticeable especially on approach shots and definitely around the greens. To others who don’t know, and can’t feel the difference, they’ll play any ball that’s affordable, and they’ll most likely choose a color they like, and probably a softer feeling low compression ball. They also likely lose several balls each round. Would their game improve with a tour level ball? That’s hard to say. Most likely they would, and that’s what the golf ball manufacturers would like them to believe. The question is, would they spend the extra money on attaining that sliver of improvement from a tour ball. Not likely. But, if the OEM’s made them affordable, perhaps they would choose them, but what I find is that most people don’t like the firmer feeling of a high compression ball and they don’t appreciate the spin provided by these balls for let’s say ‘stop and drop’ shots into the green. They choose the affordable colorful “soft feel” balls—which seem to fill the majority of product shelves at the golf stores. They can’t imagine dropping $60 on a box of balls that would all be lost to ponds, woodlands and heavy fescue in 3-4 rounds. So for them, the cheaper the better So, ok Maxfli, show us what an affordable urethane covered, tour level, premium ball looks and feels like. See if you can pull me off the left dash ProV1x. I’m game, especially if I can’t tell the difference in play, but if I can feel the difference at the cash register, I’ll be willing to give it an honest go. But as soon as that ball doesn’t spin and stop on the greens, or spins up into the wind, the experiment is over.
  2. Jay Connecticut Scotty Special Select Del Mar Impact No. 1 I happened to purchase the original No. 3 before it showed up on the MGS Most Wanted—and was happily surprised to learn it took high honors. I just happened to be messing around with it at a Golf Galaxy. I wasn’t even thinking about buying another putter to add to my collection, but the dumb thing kept dropping putts in from everywhere, so I bought it spontaneously for $45 (used). Unlike some clubs that do so well at the store, it actually worked—as advertised—on the course. The less than premium finish quality on the head, and not so noteworthy looking shaft give me pause when it comes to gaming it, but it’s a good practice putter. With a better finish and a re-labell, that club would be selling for 3X the current price—and I’d be putting it in the regular rota.
  3. Rowayton, CT and Ft Myers FL CBD COMBO PACK with GUMMIES Proficient (like 2.5 hour rounds), fairways and greens mostly, amiable, patient and focused. Use a GPS that tracks distance and heart rate monitor to track fitness levels. I’m a big advocate for non-prescription anti inflammatories and other supplements that help the body recover, detoxify, enhance the immune system, regulate homeostasis, and calm the nervous system. I’ve tried a few different brands of CBD and even CBD/low THC, with varying degrees of symptom reduction (mostly related to inflammation and sleep. However, I’m yet to find a reliable brand that delivers what it promises. I do know that individual responses to any and all supplemental products are about as varied as there are people (genetics and other contributing physiological factors), but I would really like to try a brand that is consistently well-produced to high scientific/medical standards, and use it long enough to determine if it actually works for me. And since so many CBD products are a significant cost, after paying for a $90-$135 bottle and having mediocre response, it’s hard to justify buying another bottle.
  4. Jon/Rowayton, CT PXG 0311 Forged/Cleveland Full Face 52/58
  5. Jay Vincent- Rowayton CT Yes. Garmin S20 GPS watch and Leupold Rangefinder
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