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  1. Dean Warminster, PA I play with an Odyssey White Ice Dart I’d love to test No. 3
  2. Dean/Warminster, PA I do not have a net but have used one at a local golf course. I do not have a LM and have not used one with a net.
  3. Dean Warminster, PA Mizuno ST190 28.6 103-108 mph TSi3
  4. Dean / Warminster, PA, US I have a SKLZ accelerator pro Mat. The feel is not great. the SKLZ Matt is the only one I have owned. Medium speed
  5. Dean / Warminster, Pennsylvania / United States Current Putter: Odyssey White Ice D.A.R.T TOMCAT 14. I did the Ping fitting and that was one of the three that came back for me. I like the appearance and eye-line. Seems like it will help with my slight face turn.
  6. 1. Dean - PA 2. Apple Watch with Golfshot 3. Golfshot
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