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  1. Interested to see how it would compare to my Leupold.
  2. I would say Ping G425 all day long. My father, about your age, plays it and its the best overall driver he's ever owned, per him. And it seems like he's owned them all. I love it that a 77 year old is still chasing the dream!!! Keep at it!
  3. You aren't missing anything, quite the opposite. If the eBay seller has hundreds or thousands of feedbacks at 100%, then they sourced them at a much better price and are selling at the current market. You can also easily check the serial #'s with the manufacturer when you get it or prior to, if you can make out the serial from the pictures on eBay. Like I said, if the eBayer has hundreds or thousands of feedbacks at 100%, you can be assured they are legit and so is the shaft. Club Champion's clientele are the folks that no nothing about fitting themselves and are happy to pay triple the price for clubs after a "fitting". It's fine to go rent their launch monitors to get your numbers and test shaft/head combos but never smart to purchase clubs from them unless they're wiling to match prices, which I don't think they do. They work on multiples of around 3.
  4. Curt 11 Adidas Black Tours Performance and Fit
  5. Curt La Jolla, CA Taylormade SIM 8* with Hulk 70TX 5 122 TSi3
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