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  1. Recently retired and moved from Florida to Tennessee, as you can imagine going from the flats of Florida to the Mountains of Tennessee has been quite an adjustment. First few rounds adversely effected my handicap mostly because of side-hill lies and slopes. Since, though things have adjusted a bit and my game is starting to return to where it once was. Always been just a weekend golfer with the boys but since retiring I have again found some of the passion that first got me interested in the game. I've had been hitting a Ping 400, driver for a while but because of a strange noise in th
  2. Name: Craig Location: Crossville TN Balls played: Srixon"Z" and Titleist Tour Soft Haven't played "Top Rock's" since picking up the game. In my experiences Top Rocks are hard and unresponsive.
  3. Craig Spry I live in St. Petersburg FL I presently use an older model Golf Buddy for my yardage (yardage usually varies from my playing partners GPS..Just saying) I find it difficult to use a laser GPS because it is hard to keep it still with my shaky hands I have never used a watch GPS
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