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  1. Meg, Nashua NH, USA Scotty Cameron Phantom 5 Piper C...i have a straight putting stroke and I love a straight shaft mallet. I still have a Cameron Red X mallet from years ago that I occasionally noodle around with. I generally like a firmish face. I am not prticularly tall (5’3”), so the adjustable length of these new putters is also of interest.
  2. 6.7 Nashua,Nh (Female) I plays men’s iron with a lite flex shaft, PXG gen 2, callaway epic forged star, 8-iron 125 i know nothing about Sub 70.
  3. Nashua, New Hampshire yes, I’ve used sky caddie handheld, Bushnell watch, and Garmin watch (current). i also use a Bushnell laser rangefinder Tour V4.
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