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  1. Gary Mahopac NY Calloway ERC Soft Yellow I used to strictly use Top Flight, mostly due to the cost but as I grew with the game I found myself wanting something that was softer and appeared to give me a little more controle.
  2. Gary Mahopac New York I currently use The Haack Golf Net I currently do not use a launch monitor but it is on my xmas list.
  3. Gary Gangi/Mahopac NY Average Score 100 Bridgestone NS pro
  4. Hi my name is Gary and am from the New York Metropolitan Area. I am a high handicap golfer playing an old set of bridgestone irons. I am in the market for new irons now but don't feel like spending a fortune. I play at least once a week, and would love to give your irons a try. To be honest this is the first I have heard of the Sub 70.
  5. Gary Gangi - Hudson Valley NY Yes, Bushnell ION2 Watch Bushnell ION2 Watch
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