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  1. Ugh, 3 hrs 20min for me to get there, don't have enough wife clout currently for an overnight ... Have fun everyone.
  2. Personally I am not a fan of gripping down on a constant basis, I get it for a shot here and there but the grip is a smaller circumference the lower you get (unless you have single width full length grips) and that does affect your swing (hence I use midsize, he uses oversized and then he uses std...). If I swing a club with std grips (I do use Midsize Superstrokes) the ball path tends to cut/slice more then when I use my midsize, it does affect the swing imho. I have cut my 5 iron down to 6 iron length and I hit it much better then gripping down on it. If you know how to remove and install shafts then grab an extra shaft, cut it down, grip and test, if it doesn't work you can always re-install the orig shaft...
  3. Brook / St. Joseph, MI 112 (Rapsido confirmed) Sub 70 839D ProjectX EvenFlow Blue Stiff Currently Using N.S. Pro 950 GH in my irons
  4. If you go to the "Pre-Owned" section you can pick up a great deal on a slightly used club. I bought my 839D from there @ $169.99 in Excellent condition. It came with the head cover and an almost perfect looking club (you could tell it had been hit a few times). The only gotchya is you either like what they have (shaft etc) or are willing to pay for the change (I changed my grip to Dri-Tac).
  5. I use the VivoActive 3 for mine, almost 3 yr's old and still holding a charge for 2x 18's (if played consecutive day's, heh). I had the Honma TW 747 3-Wood, was not a fan of the low profile (PXG did the same) so sold it to a friend ~2 wks after I got it, he came back a couple of weeks later with something clinking around in the head. Reached out to Honma, because I purchased new from them, with no response from them to this date (have emailed probably 4 times since mid July). Obviously not happy with their CS so no more Honma's for me...
  6. After some research and and stepping off of my PXG milk crate (don't get me wrong, I still love their products) the MyGolfSpy review on the Sub 70 driver had me searching their site. I had placed an order for a PXG 4 Hybrid (have had a Ben Hogan for 3 months I just can't get comfortable with) that was 3 weeks old and talking with PXG, On Oct 30, it wasn't shipping until Nov 15th at best, I cancelled the order. I then called Sub 70 and talked with Jason and ended up ordering a 4 Hybrid from them. Got here fast, 3 days from order. It's been warm here in SW MI, so I was able to hit the driving range the day I got it, more then impressed with the Hybrid (and the SWAG they included, Sub 70 Hat, Ball Marker, Tee's and bumper sticker). Called Jason back as there are no drivers available right now to find the timeline, he mentioned they had a few "slightly used" but in excellent condition drivers available. Snagged the 12 Deg 839D for $179 with a ProjectX 5.5 and a couple of adapters in case I wanted to swap out the shaft. Received 2 days later (oh btw, free shipping, unlike PXG who, well gouges you, imho on shipping) and again, hit the range same day. I definitely noticed the "unique" sound that the Sub 70 makes, altho, it makes it when you hit it solid, I actually like that feedback. Have 4 rounds under my belt with the new Sub 70 839D Driver. According to my VivoFit 3, I have 3 drives in the 290's (max I ever hit with the PXG Gen 1 was 278) and 1 at 303 (there was wind behind from the left in all honesty). The fade is still there, however, have noticed on the mishits it's not as bad, in the first cut of rough instead of 15 yards right of fairway. I am a convert, loving my 4 Hybrid and 839D from Sub 70!!!
  7. Thx Sparky, I do not desire to drive all of the way to North burbs of Chicago (2+ hours away) to do another almost 2 hour fitting, your findings might help alleviate that... The 10.5 Proto+ might work well for me, I currently use mine at 11 and still struggle at times to get enough height on the drive. That said, I purchased my Gen 1 trying to get a fade/cut, my normal swing with the Cleveland (non-adj) was a draw to full out hook, though it is nice to be able to pull out a draw with the driver when the hole quires it, instead of relying on the 3 Wood. Things to ponder :).
  8. So I have had a PXG Gen 1 driver for 2 years now, while it was a huge step up from my Cleveland CG Black it is, well, aging :)... I am posting here to get feedback, as my "purchase new gear trigger finger" is constantly hover over the "add to cart" button on the PXG Proto driver. Before I switched to the Gen 1 I tested all of the currently available drivers, Callaway just didn't feel right, Titleist was good but no better then my Cleveland, the new Cleveland was horrid and don't get me started on the King Cobra, just not my cup of tea. The only driver that compared was the Ping, with similar results to the PXG and over $150 more (I get Military pricing with PXG), it was a no brainer. So PXG now has their Gen 2 drivers for $265 (less then the Military discount), more weight control and head advancements over my Gen 1, then there is the PXG Proto driver, their latest, for a mere $365 (when compared to current Gen drivers @ $499 +). The pickle I am in is that the season in SW MI is coming to a close, I usually don't look for replacements until late Feb early March and no, that is not EVERY year :), my golfing budget is limited with kids in Univ. I hit my Gen 1 well (for me), average of just over 260 yds with my natural swing I tend to cut, tho I can draw it when trying ~33% of the time. I did just replace a few of my wedges with PXG during this sale, so far they are awesome, however, this has has depleted my golfing budget to where I would be "borrowing" from next year to do a driver replacement. The driver is the next item up for replacement, Irons are 1 yr old and of course wedges are new, hybrid / 3 wood is fine. looking forward to differing points of view.
  9. Brook Moore St. Joseph, MI PXG 0811X 11.2 index TSi2
  10. St. Joseph, MI I take Hammer 250mg Tincture CBD oil every night, the cream intrigues me (have not used any previous). easy going, relaxed Garmin VivoActive III
  11. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I have been playing steady for about 20 yrs (more then 4-5 times/yr) Hdcp is 9-11 depending on week :), Have shot a 73 (par 72) and several mid 70's (I know I have the game just can't be consistent) What do you love about golf? There is no ONE true answer, you have to constantly muss with it. It's you VS the course, no team, no one else to blame, just you What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Saw a post about testing gear, I used to do reviews for High end PC components and love golf to so why not... I read some of the forum posts and thought, my kind of place I don't :(. Where are you from? What is your home course? St. Joseph, MI, about 30 minutes north of the center of all evil, some people call it Notre Dame... Sadly, it was Berrien Hills GC in Benton Harbor, MI (now closed), no home course this yr. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The spring and fall golf is the best in the country (imho) The season is way to damn short... What do you do for a living? Network Engineer How’d you pick your user name? Nickname from most of my golf buddies
  12. If I had to play Essex County CC outside of a scramble, I think it would be my choice, I had the luxury of playing it 3 times, all in scramble format. The winning score was never better then -5 to my best recollection (my team came in at +1 as the best round those 3 yrs). Red Tail GC in Devens, MA was the hardest I played out east, the distances were not excessively long but the shot making required was precise. The course was always in great shape (I moved away in 2015) and greens ran 11+. Harbor Shores GC is an extremely challenging course in SW MI (Benton Harbor), the greens are massive, which adds additional stress on that putting game (not to mention I played 2 day's after the Sr. Open so they were fast.) The hardest course I have ever played, hands down, is Cog Hill, Dubsdread in Lemont, IL. A few friends and I used to play this every year in the fall to "measure our game", unfortunately this course made sure we never measured up... There is no "bail outs", you are either in the fairway, first cut or screwed!
  13. Nice looking lineup... Brook, St. Joseph, MI Handicap: 11 Mizuno JPX-919 Forged
  14. Up until this year I played MP-5's (P-7) W/ JPX EZ 5 and 6 irons. I noticed I wasn't getting the distance nor the shot shaping I wanted, just getting old :(... I spent three and one half hours at the PGA store in Schaumburg, IL (prior to Covid) and went through all of the currently available irons, knowing sadly, I needed to go to cavity back set. After I tried the Mizuno JPX 919 HM's (third set I had tried) I knew they were the clubs to beat! Only the AP3's had anywhere near the feel of the Mizuno's and definitely not as good. I was seriously impressed that a forgiving iron still gave me the feedback that I had hit the shot I wanted or slightly mis-hit it, absolutely awesome! I loved the irons so much I went with Mizuno JPX 919 Forged for my wedges, great set.
  15. 1. Brook Moore - Michigan 2. Previous Bushnell / current Garmin Vivo Active 3 3. live and die with my Garmin, love the info for how far I hit each club (senses ball impact) and statistical information within the app. Good luck competing, i will give it a go tho .
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