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  1. Hi this is the coach . I’m commenting on the motor cast topic. I own and electronic caddy. Number one I’ve used it for over twenty years and it has never gone down. I’ve replaced the battery only twice since I got it. It’s the best thing for a guy who like to walk and play could have. I’ve mounted a small easy to read Bushnell phantom to it works like a charm. The moment I stop by the ball I’ve instantly got the front middle and back yardages at one glance. Next I mounted my laser right there. I grab it shoot the flag and know the exact number to the pin. Every winter I bring it into the shop
  2. I was a sky caddie customer from day one . Loading courses always took longer than it should . Modern gps devices have thousands of courses loaded in much easier
  3. John garland Staten Island New York and older model combo laser gps (Callaway)
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