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  1. Myles Brookfield, CT Ping 410 LST 55g S-Flex Handicap 3.1 index 118-122 mph driver swing speed TSi2 S-flex 9.0 or 9.5 degree. I have played a 910D2 years ago and loved it. Looking forward to testing the newest model against my New Ping
  2. Have been listening to the country gold playlist on Spotify on the way to the golf course and it has been working to get me into a relaxed mindset. 16 of the last 17 rounds have been in the 70s
  3. - Titleist 718 AP2s with x100 standard length and lie Golf Pride Red Multi compound grips on everything - Ping g410 LST stiff 9 degree - vokey SM8s 52 and 58 degree - Cleveland Halo 1 hybrid - Callaway great big Bertha 3-wood -Scotty M1 mallet 35” with Flat Cat Grip
  4. New England Region what’s good? Born and Raised in CT Started playing golf at 7 years old to spend time with my father on the weekends and fell in love with the game a few years later. I’ve been playing for 25 years now and was at my best a 0 index before I had my two girls. Now a 3.5 index and steadily going up. My average score this year is a 76.8 but would like to be around 74 or better. I love golf for the life lessons is has taught me. The challenge of playing vs. par and playing against yourself each and every time. The mental conditioning and mindset growth it forces. I love what golf teaches me about me and what it teaches me about other people and how it can be a life-long sport. Being outside and playing with family and great friends doesn’t get any better. I joined the forum a few months after I started to follow the mygolfspy Instagram page and really liked the honest reviews and videos posted which gives me confidence to try new products and give up others. I have recently bought the Mizuno golf gloves, the Snell MTB-X balls and TP5x balls from reading the MyGolfSpys reviews. Live in Brookfield, CT. I play at Washington Golf Club mostly now and love playing my old track Ridgewood CC also Oxford Greens, Richter Park, Lake Waramaug CC, Candlewood Valley, Waterbury, Yale, Bulls Bridge and Centennial I try and play each once every season. Best thing about my area of courses is they have been in excellent shape the past 3-4 years. The greens are generally fast and run nicely. The season is short and playing in the cold sucks with extra layers on. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic my username is my first Name2.0
  5. Myles Brookfield, CT Ping 410LST 3.5 index 120mph driver Swing speed TSi2
  6. Myles/ Brookfield, CT 3.5 index currently using vokey sm8s raw finish for the extra spin and tour appearance
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