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  1. Chuck / Hillsborough, NC iPhone 10s Testing Primarily Outdoors No Net will be used in this testing .... live at the range, helps improve my rhythm.
  2. Chuck - Millville,NJ & Hillsborough, NC I have never used a hitting net for offseason practice. I like them at some of the courses i play when they are right next to the practice green, before the first tee. I have NEVER used a LM .... ever. I would be super stoked about utilizing this opportunity, as my girlfriend is getting into golf now and it motvates me to practice more, as i am teaching her.
  3. Chuck Millville, NJ & Hillsborough, NC TaylorMade r7 ( yeah, an r7 !! ) 9 or 10 100 TSi3
  4. Chuck - Millville,NJ & Hillsborough,NC Taylor Made - Firesole SW,AW,PW & WilsonStaff 59^ LW 52mid, 56full, 60low
  5. Chuck from NJ & NC Only GPS devices i've used were cart-mounted version at resorts i've played on golf vacations. Bushnell Tour V3
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