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  1. Would love to test out this stuff. My girl (a novice) and myself (experienced) both need putting help to get to the next level. This would be very intriguing ... her and i utilizing the same putting aids to improve to different levels. Good luck all !!
  2. Chuck / Hillsborough, NC iPhone 10s Testing Primarily Outdoors No Net will be used in this testing .... live at the range, helps improve my rhythm.
  3. Chuck - Millville,NJ & Hillsborough, NC I have never used a hitting net for offseason practice. I like them at some of the courses i play when they are right next to the practice green, before the first tee. I have NEVER used a LM .... ever. I would be super stoked about utilizing this opportunity, as my girlfriend is getting into golf now and it motvates me to practice more, as i am teaching her.
  4. Chuck Millville, NJ & Hillsborough, NC TaylorMade r7 ( yeah, an r7 !! ) 9 or 10 100 TSi3
  5. Chuck - Millville,NJ & Hillsborough,NC Taylor Made - Firesole SW,AW,PW & WilsonStaff 59^ LW 52mid, 56full, 60low
  6. Chuck from NJ & NC Only GPS devices i've used were cart-mounted version at resorts i've played on golf vacations. Bushnell Tour V3
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