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  1. Thank you for setting this up and counting all the scores. It is always fun have more of a reason to play golf. It was awesome it worked out (for Me) that I was in AZ for Thanksgiving week and was able to get 3 rounds in. Great work everyone and looking forward to more of these types of events. Congrats everyone
  2. Hey Foz,, My score today is an 85. Course HCP is 12 net 73. we played Blue tees. I had 3 regular birds that netted 3 eagles, and 2 net birds. So I guess that’s 5 birds or better. Long drive of the day was only 278, I had a few longer but not in the fairway so I didn’t count those.
  3. Date 11/26/2022 Course Name Apache Creek GC Gross Score 84 Course Handicap 14 Gross Strokes over/under par 13 Net Score to Par -1 Net Score 70 Net Birdies or better 8 Longest Drive 343 Hopefully did this right. shot 84 my best round of the year. I had no idea I had that score could have sworn it was 90 plus. Driver was working really nice today. One natural Bird that gave me an eagle so I might only have 7 birds or better. one more round tomorrow morning.
  4. No worries, I ended up with my best score of the year, 84. Long drive of 353 on hole 2. We played the Championship/Blue tees. I believe my course handicap was 14. I am the bottom score. Let me know if any questions.
  5. OK Mr. Mushball, My round is schedules for Friday at Apache Creek GC.
  6. Date 11/20/2022 Course Name Apache Wells Gross Score 91 Course Handicap 12 Gross Strokes over/under par 20 Net Score to Par 8 Net Score 79 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 307 Hope this is correct. 2 houses hit, one nice lady, one not so nice person. One spectacular day.
  7. Trying to post a score and it isn’t going through. Apache Wells CC Score of 91 3 net birds course 67/109 long drive 307 what else am I missing??
  8. Thought I responded sonic this a duplicate, sorry. love the name, I’m in. got into AZ abut 7pm last night, plying today at 12:45, but I’m going to hold this round for just the weekly game. I’ll set a round up later for the Turkey shoot. I’ll get another round in later this week. good luck everyone.
  9. Lets do this. I'm not which day I am playing yet and probably won't know till late Saturday. But I will get a couple rounds in. I'll post here before my round. Team Name I have no idea Something like "make it Rain" since we live in the PNW or 'Marshmallow Sweet Potatoes" to keep it Turkey day related. Open to options as I know these names I just presented suck.
  10. I know for sure Apache Wells, just not sure when. I’d like to get another course in as well but I really liked Apache wells last spring.
  11. If anyone else wants needs a partner I know I'll be playing a couple 2-3 rounds next week starting Sunday. Nothing on the books just yet but big "I think" I'm playing on Sunday. I'm in AZ for vaca, so it shouldn't be an issue.
  12. I am hoping for a late round on Sunday. best part is, it will be in AZ. Good Luck everyone, Have safe and great week.
  13. This is a HUGE bummer, I personally love your insight on the golf swing and helping people like myself understand our swings better and how to make them better. I understand though and good luck in your ventures moving forward.
  14. It was tough in all honesty, I boogied 3 which was a great boogie as my drive was topped and went maybe 100 yards, good second shot to get to the fairway and really nice 120 yard to put me 10' from 3 hole and 2 putted for a 5. If it wasn't for that the bar was only about 300 yards away and I would have just walked off. I have no idea how my drive got to the back of the green. I was on the fringe and putted it to about 5' and then made that for bird. I should have taken a picture of that one but I was surprised it was my ball. We looked where we thought it should have and then my buddy says, Well there is a ball on the back side of the green thats been there since they rolled up. None of thought it was mine until I was about 20' from and could see my "J" in red sharpie. I stayed away from it so they could confirm it was my ball. It was pure luck and wish I knew what it hit to get there. When I teed off there was a group of 2 on the green that we let play through. They never motioned or acted like a ball just rolled on the green.
  15. Date 11/12/2022 Course Name Gearhart Links GC Gross Score 86 Course Handicap 21 Gross Over/(Under) 14 Net Score to Par -7 Net Score 65 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 383 This round started off quit AWFUL. 7 on the first two holes, two lost balls and one ****** of a bunker shot. I’ll post pics and video. This took a ship not boat but ship load to keep my head in the game and stay relatively calm. My buddies gave me kudos after the round for not going postal. Birdie on 4 and bird on 9. Pretty consistent on the back with a couple pars and double mixed in. my long drive I’m pretty sure I got a lucky bounce off a side hill and then a nice roll to back of the green on #9. IMG_2367.MOV
  16. The weather finally looks like its going to let us PNW people to get out for some golf.It's been pretty bad, I don't know the exact total inches of rain but last Thursday-Saturday is close to if not over 3"plus inches. I had a football games where I think I would have stayed dryer if I just stood in the shower. I have a round planned at Gearhart Links Saturday. Love the new way to post scores, Thanks for thinking of those of us that are Technically challenged.
  17. So I read that as " I have a new Callaway driver for sale". LOL
  18. -All great advice and I thank you guys. I'm more of a picker and normally take shallow divots. I guess I was thinking with being more of a picker it would be better to have a lower bounce 8-10*. I can flop off the mats with full swings. Its the more normal 30 to 80 yarders that I am not very consistent at. One of the things I am going to work on over the winter. I hope I am not sabotaging myself by already thinking of changing my wedges.
  19. Shoulder surgery for was March 9th 2021. That was the second surgery on my right shoulder. I am still working on getting the strength back and I fear I will never get it back. hasn't bothered my golf swing that I'm aware of. I chipping by the end of June and played my first full round in late July of 2021. Good luck with your surgery, and I will tell anyone and everyone, Do not miss a PT appt or home work. I can't stress enough how important getting the smaller less used muscles to fire up and help with the healing.
  20. Wedge question, what bounce do you guys use or prefer? I’ve been struggling with the wedges and thinking of looking at new ones. My 56 is at 10* and 60 at 12*. I’m thinking that’s too much for the grass but great for the sand. I play mostly in the PNW and grass can be thicker, wet around the greens during the fall, winter, springtime & dryer shorter in the warmer months. It also depends on the course. what bounce should be played for thicker wet conditions opposed to dryer. Same question for sand conditions. is this a reason to have more than one set of wedges?
  21. Just one wife, That's what I get for typing without my glasses on. Wife's clubs
  22. I was in Sub 70 Oct 9th, Received the driver and my wives clubs Oct 20th. Sub 70 9* driver with HZRDUS Smoke RBX 6.5 shaft. I was split between the Ventus shaft. The numbers just weren't enough to justify the cost of the ventus shaft. My wife got 699 irons 7,8,9,PW, GW and 5 & 6 hybrid and a driver. She already had 5 & 7 woods and love them.
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