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    91-100 mph
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. - I would hope that this model would make my irons more accurate. - Dale, San Jose, CA - Currently playing Callaway Mavericks - Index of 11.5 -I agree to participate in discussions on the forum regarding experiences with the irons.
  2. Dale san Jose, ca size 11 skechers & footjoy comfort, comfort, comfort. I like a large box as my foot is wide.
  3. Dale San Jose, CA Cleveland RTX The wedges I have are “raw” and I like the look and the way they play.
  4. Dale San Jose, CA Callaway Epic Flash 11.8 89 mph TSi2
  5. 1. Dale from San Jose,CA 2. Living in CA I can play golf year round so I practice at the course when open. 3. Used to have one of those “dinghy artificial turf” things. 4. Slow speed. 10 on the Stimp is plenty.
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