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  1. Tommy, 32 years old Austin, TX I walk most of my rounds because I get in a better rhythm when I play and it is my main source of exercise. Try to play 3 times a week. I use a clic gear now. I really like it however it can get tiring pushing so I have been carrying my bag a lot more lately to not hassle with the cart. I have been wanting to look at the electric carts for a later time down the road
  2. Tommy, Austin, TX I’ve been looking and researching these products so hard and this one keeps catching my eye. I’m a high school golf coach and would love to test this accuracy wise and see if it can help my athletes. Be mainly on the range outdoors. I can as well travel to an outside area with a net too.
  3. Tommy Norris, Austin, TX Garmin, 18 birdies bushnell range finder
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