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  1. Hey everybody! Newbie Spy here! Also MGS, thanks for the op to be a tester. I love testing new product, have been a tester at GWRX multiple times. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Since 2012, dabbled a touch when I was a junior but never wanted to play. I came back and played with a friend at a lighted Par 3 course one day and caught the bug. The next day, I was on the Bay looking for a reasonable set to purchase. 6.2, actually just hit my lowest index ever yesterday after my last three rounds g
  2. Robert Michael Reyes, Las Vegas NV USA I have used SkyCaddie SGX and the SkyCaddie SX400. Additionally, I have used Visage and some other cart GPS devices. Visage is easily my favorite. Currently, I use a Bushnell Pro XE in conjunction with my SX400 as my current method of determining yardage. My Pro XE tells me the pin distance while the GPS tells me yardages to the back, front and carry yardages over the bunkers, etc...
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