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  1. I waded through all the post last night and this morning. I saw nothing about LIV winnings. My understanding (possibly wrong) was that the first tournament winner, Schwartzel did not in fact get $4 million ~. It was a draw from his contract amount. The bonus and team money may have been actual checks but winnings are a draw from upfront compensation. DJ got a reported $125 million but contracts/compensation with LIV are opaque. My opinion - complaints about too much work, upset work/life/family balance are BS for the mid-tier and higher rated golfers. They already could pick and choose weeks to play, 15 tourneys minimum is not onerous. Sucks to be away from home/family. They should try nine deployments to Middle East/Afghanistan, 24/7, 16+ hours a day. The others guys never yelled - FORE! when there was incoming. /my opinion.
  2. PGA charities receive more money from the golf tournaments than what the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL combined contribute. Not many millionaire/billionaire folks in owning/governing positions. The impact on local charities is huge, like Christmas sales for small local businesses. My picks are in, more of a dartboard throw. I won't be watching (I basically never watch - I play golf or with the youngsters in my family).
  3. Yes, the stock car races. Joe Tinty's stadium, 1948 to 1981. It was loud. Some history - sorry about straying from golf. http://www.catamountstadium.com/plainvillestadium.html
  4. I'm truly a geezer. I grew up in Plainville. My dad's machine shop was in Berlin, just about on the turnpike. Dad's secretary's husband was the member. He and I played lots of golf at Edgewood in the summer when I was back from college. He was one of those short but straight hitters who could chip and putt you to death. My game involved exploring the countryside - you know - taking unusual and challenging lines. The road/fairway less traveled.
  5. And Kopeka is out. No more Mr. I get up for Majors. Something changed after the injuries. No more fire. A number of the younger guys get up just as strong with more complete games. T-55 isn't making it. Pure speculation - he and DJ have extensive "teams" to support. Their WAGs are also into having large grouping and parties. Takes money, lots of it. Less work, more time off, money for nothing (song there somewhere) and still some leftover major championship qualifications. No brainer for them. I don't see even a superficial understanding of the source money. Back to the tourney. Who's burnt out? Did Dahlman drink a hundred beers during this week? A dark horse? Great week for shorter more accurate hitters - Brian Harman?. I used to play there on occasion with a member when it was Edgewood Golf Club. Big change when it was redone as TPC. Still some recognizable bones remain.
  6. Thanks for the onsite updates. Have you tried the Legal Seafood lobster rolls? I know they're $30 but that's the going rate, not an on course ripoff. Beer prices? Seems to be a hot topic at other tournaments. Looking forward to pictures.
  7. Bastads, in a Bahston accent.
  8. Double cut and rolled greens today. A good breeze from an entirely different direction. Add some pin positions tucked to the fringes. In spite of all that, I think I could break 90. I'd be walking in after a dozen holes - does that count?
  9. I agree the course is terrific. Birdies and eagles available, plenty of opportunities for punishment too. Top golfers, Joel (I kid), unknowns in the mix. Pressure building. Who has the nerves, who crumbles? Alas, my pool team was damaged by the USGA top 60 instead of the usual 70's and ties, darn it Shane, just one more birdie, but I've got three through to the weekend.
  10. USGA messed up not putting Grayson Murray and Kevin Na in the same group. They are locker buddies however - could run cold or hot. But Na [a.k.a. Mr. Slow] is in a group with Sergio [Mr. Fine Whine] and Tyrell Hatton [Mr. Course Critic]. On an acid pH scale, this is "strip the bones clean in seconds", about a pH 2. It may go fine but if Na drags out putting or Sergio goes into vapor lock addressing the ball or getting a ruling; I can see Justifiable Homicide with a Golf Club pleas. On the LIV/cut side bet; I'll go with six making the cut, that's about all that's in form (and I'm not sure about jet setter DJ).
  11. Picks are in for this US Open tuneup. Low confidence all around. Will Rory have 4 rounds? Scottie steamroll the field or miss the cut? Same for JT? Is Reed due.? Cam Smith still hot? Questions questions. The lower puddles of the pool are just as murky. Please make the cut, guys?
  12. If true, that figure should get him out from under his gambling debts. For a while. I'm frankly surprised. Originally I felt he'd be the big name for LIV especially after his heroic PGA win. The interview where he spoke the truth out loud - I expected it to kill or significantly reduce any offer. Norman could hear the bone saw being tuned in the background and significantly upped the ante for Dustin Johnson [reported $125 mil]. DJ is a top talent but charisma challenged [he's cool, laid back, I like him]. He just doesn't fire up the crowds like Phil. Fine that Phil gets a late game retirement package, winning on the Champions Tour wouldn't carry all his baggage.
  13. I've experienced these holes. As a weak [very weak] defense - in the morning dew/wetness, the balls may have stopped if one or two were rolled. Course dries out, and there's no stopping the ball. The keeper should have been aware of this - complaints from members. Perhaps no supervision of the guy(s) doing the cutting.
  14. Going with Rahm, kind of a revenge tour. Favorable noon start, damp course but dry grips. Of course, I picked JT last week, he of the 21 straight cuts made, instant flameout. Just a little jab to remind me I'm not the smartest guy in the room. Toss up between Kuch and Hideki in second tier. After that, the tea leaves haven't settled.
  15. Good riddance. He cursed out a volunteer at the Sony Open this year - bunches of F-bombs. Why? The volunteer found his ball in the rough. JK is screaming just put a flag next to it along with a steady stream of profanity. For those who volunteer or wonder about the "flag" thing - People doing the ShotLink by the fairways have flags to indicate where a players ball ends up in the rough. It gets placed a couple of feet away, then gets removed by the player. The volunteers searching for JK's ball were a different group - just pedestrian marshalls - no flags. The guy pointing out the ball was a respectful distance from the location; not influencing the lie. Should have eaten a SNICKERS. Off the high horse here. I'm on JT to double up. He was solid all four rounds [couldn't score Saturday] except for that "S-word" on the par 3 Sunday. Good weather is expected, not too damn hot. My guess is a shootout. Can't figure Scotties performance and Spieth was not clicking. Good luck to all. I won't be watching. If the weather where I'm at is good enough to play, I'm out there [plus 3 grandkids here at the Son's house in GA]. On to Ft. Hood area next week for a couple of months with another granddaughter and two great - grand kids. Retirement is packed full.
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